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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Holiday Movie Reviews

I just read my friend's blog,, Pixie's Singing..
I'm reminded of a movie that I watched few weeks ago in Cinema 21 Plaza Semanggi and I wanna make a small review about it..
I watched it with some of my campus friends..

One word,, AWESOME!!!
I don't know how they got the idea of the story..
Mixing of real world and 3D animation... @.@
One thing I know is this movie's director is James Cameron..
Do you know that he is the director of Titanic??!
I just saw that movie on RCTI Box Office 2 days ago..
I think every year RCTI airs that everlasting romantic movie...
And I'm always excited to see it.. XD
Okay,, let's begin the review...

There's some researchers working with military units who wants to take over fluorescent mine from a planet named Pandora. The planet is inhabited by Na'vi people. The story is told take place in 2120 if I'm not mistaken, don't really remember the year. In order to run the military's intention, they use a paraplegic war veteran named Jake Sully to discover Pandora land and pretend to be one of the Na'vis. As the reward, Jake is offered spinal surgery that will fix his legs. With existing technology in that year, Jake and one of the researcher, Dr. Grace Augustine, become one of the Na'vis. I can tell it reminds me of the way Neo from The Matrix leave the real world and enter Matrix world. The different is in Pandora, they can't use human body cause... Just watch it. ;) Accidentally, Jake fell in love with Neytiri, daughter of Na'vi people's chief. As the intention of Colonel Miles Quarich to collected the fluorescent mine becomes bigger and bigger, he launch a big aggression to Pandora and an epic battle occurs.

 Pandora: The Na'vis Place

From left to right: Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and his avatar, Neytiri dubbed by Zoe Saldana, Dr. Grace Augustine (Sigourney Weaver) and her avatar

Another great movie I just saw on TV instead of Titanic is The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.. 
It aired at 1.oo AM on Trans 7 and I still woke up..
Holiday~~ Ckckck...


The story of 4 best friends with their magic pants..
I like the scene when the four girls try on the jeans and it fit their legs...
I know it is nonsense, but I imagine it like a miracle that happens in every unique different way.. :)
I really want to try traveling alone..
Yeah,, someday I will...
That's my confession of faith..
This teenager movie is based on Ann Brashares' book...

I have seen this book when I'm still in Senior High School at the school library,, but I haven't read it...
Like I said before,, I'm more interested in true story book.. :)
This is the review..

Four childhood friends; Tibby Tomko-Rollins, Lena Kaligaris, Carmen Lowell and Bridget Vreeland; accidentally find a magical jeans that fits perfectly on all of them. They decide to spend their summer traveling by their own self, bringing the jeans. They promise each other to use the jeans alternately and send letter about their traveling experience. They make 10 sisterhood rules for the jeans usage. Lena visits her grandparents in Greece and meets Kostos. Tibby remains at home, films a movie, and gets new friend, a young girl named Bailey. Bridget goes to soccer camp in Mexico and falls in love with Eric, one of her coaches. Carmen visits her dad in South Carolina and finds out a shocking secret. They all learn something which make them grow up and realized that best friends' bond is truly valuable.

Today at 3.00 AM I watched a movie titled Molly: An American Girl on the Home Front.. 
I like movies that tell story about a small family with a country's historical background...
Specifically,,  I like the girl or woman's dresses from Europe's old era..
It definitely looks sweet and elegant...


Molly, a girl from a fictional town of Jefferson, Illinois, lives during the World War II. Her father is a doctor and compare with her sister and brother, she is close to his father. One day, Molly's father decide to be a volunteer at the war that took place in England in purpose to cure the war's victims. At first Molly disagree with the decision, but when her father promise her to come back, she finally can let him go. On the other side, Molly's family get a new comer named Emily from London, England. She is at the same age with Molly. Because of Emily, Molly learns how to get along with someone new. I think if we want to make friend with anybody, all we must have is openness and acceptance. Be open to show who you really are and try to accept change, people, the reality.

Hey,, I just realized that I have completed watching three American Girl series..
I remember I have watched a movie with "An American Girl" in the title but I don't know it is in one series.. @.@

I have seen these 3 movies and I like all of them :)

From left to right : Shailene Woodley as Felicity, Anna Sophia Robb as Samantha, Maya Ritter as Molly

 The Dolls and The Books (Cute, aren't they?!) 

After I browse the internet for another American Girl movies,, I find these two..

Wanna watch it soon!!! >o<

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

We Are in Runner Up!!

By the time I went to the mall to find our big family's Christmas present with my parents (read my post),,
we ate at Kelapa Gading ground floor's food court...
Our table was near the television and my seat faced it..
When I finished eating my food,, I watched BBC World Challenge 2009 on Metro TV..
I was interested watching the show coz it's related to what I'm studying now..
I was watching one of the finalist from UK which is Emission Control..
What's the issue??
It is the COWS...
I just knowed that if a cow is burping,, they can produce methane gas just like the cars..
Methane is a harmful greenhouse gas...
As the demand of meat in almost all beef industry keep growing,, the potential of methane gas to be produced also increases..
It is known the amount of cows in the world as many as the amount of cars..

So,, researchers in UK seem to find the idea in order to decrease the gas produce..
They found that garlic bulb consumed by cow can cut the gas in half..
Interesting, isn't it??
Cows,, meet garlics.. ;P

Do you know who's the next BBC Challenge 2009 finalist that I watched??
Our country!! Nothing Wasted from INDONESIA...

This is it..

And the winner of BBC World Challenge 2009 is......

Bright Idea: Safe Bottle Lamp Foundation, Sri Lanka, which distributes safe, virtually unbreakable kerosene lamps to those who can’t afford electricity. The Safe Bottle Lamp Foundation received a $20,000 grant from Shell to invest in the future of the project.

The runners-up, each receiving $10,000, are:

Nothing Wasted: Danamon Go Green, Indonesia, which turns waste from traditional farmers’ markets into organic compost.

Fungi Town: BTTR Ventures, U.S., which uses coffee grounds that would otherwise end up in landfills as nutrient rich “soil” in which to grow mushrooms.

For more information,, you can see the The World Challenge website..
I wish next year,, there's a breakthrough for Indonesia so that we can be the next winner!!
So proud to be Indonesian.... ^.^


Sunday, December 20, 2009

12 Ways to Remember the True Meaning of Christmas

Our Christmas Tree at the Living Room

1. Keep a candle burning.
The constantly burning flame, holding back the darkness, is a potent symbol of life in the heart of winter. On the first Sunday of Advent (the period beginning four Sundays before Christmas), some Christians carry home a taper, lit from their church's Advent candle, and keep it burning until Christmas Day using a series of candles. Keep your Christmas flame on the table during family meals. You might also like to follow the tradition of lighting three more candles -- one for each week of Advent.

2. Support a worthy cause.
Make a donation in someone's name to an organization you know he or she would like to support, such as the American Cancer Society, the American Heart Association, March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation or the Christian Children's Fund.

3. Write a letter to your past.
Is there someone you wish you'd thanked for a kindness you've remembered all your life? An old friend with whom you've quarreled and would like to be reconciled? Someone you've never been able to tell "I love you"? Now is the ideal time to grab pen and paper and write a note to tell them so.

4. Give a gift that's really needed.
Often we buy people presents just for the sake of buying them something. But there are many things the people on your list would love that aren't store-bought. That's why Jan Gonder, a Reader's Digest reader from Los Angeles, came up with the idea of giving coupons redeemable for some of her time and talents. Last year, she gave coupons for teaching calligraphy and needlepoint, even tutoring for the SAT exams. The idea is to match the service with the person's need. As Gonder explains, "Children might appreciate coupons relieving them of chores, teens with driver's licenses a chance at the family car, or new brides a promise to help write thank-you notes."

5. Plant a real Christmas tree.
A lovely way to remember this Christmas, this could also make a great last-minute gift for a nature-loving friend.

6. Create a new family holiday.
If it's traditional to spend Christmas Eve with all your husband's relatives and Christmas Day with yours, you may feel you miss out celebrating the holiday at your house with just your immediate family. Lynne Blalock, from Memphis, reports that she and her children never seemed to have any private time to enjoy Christmas together. So she took matters into her own hands and invented a new family holiday. "We created Christmas Adam on December 23 -- because Adam came before Eve," says Blalock. That's the day when they open presents and have a special meal just for the immediate family. And though Blalock says her life is less hectic now, "Christmas Adam is still a tradition."

7. Create a Christmas gift book.
Buy a beautiful blank journal to record the gifts you and your family receive as well as those you give. This book will come in handy when it's time to write thank-you notes, and in subsequent years, it will help you avoid giving the same gift to a friend or family member twice. It also serves as a lovely record of the thoughtfulness of others -- and yourself.

8. Trim the tree stress-free.
Give each family member his own part of the tree to decorate. "Using beautiful red ribbon, divide the tree into sections so that everyone gets his own place to work," she suggests. "This will eliminate the familiar 'Hey! I was going to put something there! That was my spot! I quit!'"

9. Eat by tree light.
After the tree is decorated, have a meal around it. Turn off all the lights except for those on the tree, and admire its beauty. This is an especially good idea after a stressful afternoon spent Christmas shopping at the mall. That's one reason why Carolyn A. Clarke, a Reader's Digest reader and mother from Manassas, VA., has made eating around the tree a family tradition. "Young kids enjoy tree lights," she says, "and they seem to have a calming effect on them."

10. Keep Christmas Eve simple.
Instead of slaving to prepare a fantastic spread on Christmas Eve as well as Christmas Day, suggest a simple meal, such as pizza, or let guests make their own sandwiches from a selection of fillings. That way, you'll have more time to relax and enjoy each other's company -- which is what Christmas is all about.

11. Set an extra place at Christmas dinner.
Each year, there are many people without families who spend the holiday alone. If you know someone like that, ask him to join you at your table. Cooking for an extra person won't take much more effort, but it will make all the difference to him.

12. Go to church.
Whatever your religious practice throughout the year, Christmas is a time to wake up our spiritual selves. Many find that the familiar carols and readings stir an understanding of God that proves elusive at other times of the year. This Christmas, remember the real reason for the festival -- the birth of Jesus Christ.

Article taken from www.northpolesantaclaus.com 

Stay blessed~~ ^o^

Korea, I'm In Love!

It began when one of my friend, Elisabeth R., gave me some TVXQ's songs..
It's a boy band from South Korea consist of 5 personnel..

 U-Know, Micky, Hero, Max, Xiah (picture taken from here) 

The song genres are A cappella,, dance,, pop,, and RnB...
TVXQ stands for Tong Vfang Xien Qi.. 
They are known in South Korea as Dong Bang Shin Gi (DBSK) and in Japan as Tohoshinki.. 
I already got confused with their name when I downloaded their songs in 4Shared.. XD
I like the songs so much!!
Especially their slow beat songs..

And then one day,, I watched Boys Before Flowers that has been aired for few times in Indosiar..
Absolutely fall in love with this movie...
Maybe I am out of trend coz my friends at campus has been talking about this movie since my previous semester... -,-"

 Kim Joon, Kim Bum, Lee Min Ho, Koo Hye Sun, Kim Hyun Joong

(picture taken from Wikipedia) 

The story's plot is similar to Meteor Garden..
I wonder how they got such actor like Lee Min Ho that play the same character as Jerry Yan in Meteor Garden..
They so so so look a like!!! -,-a
Between all these Korean F4 personnel,, I like Kim Bum's face the best.. ;)
His face really is cute~~
I also like Koo Hye Sun's childish face..
I watch it in YouTube coz I'm too curious with the story and can't wait for the next episode in Indosiar..
Right now I'm watching episode 11.. ;P 
Here is one of the soundtrack that I like...

Last but not least,, the Korea country it self.. ^^
One of my best friend studies at Busan, South Korea..
Sometimes I take a few minutes to see her photos collection in Facebook..
I asked her to tag me beautiful Korea scenery's photos that she has taken.. 
Take a look some of her shots...!!

SUMMER 2009 (Haeundae Beach, Busan)

FALL 2009 (Busan)

WINTER 2009 (Busan)
_my favourite_

Wanna see more shot?? Just visit her Facebook photo album.. ^.~

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Concert and A Pair of New Shoes

Yesterday, I ought to go to Hillsong concert at 5 PM..
I already invited some of my high school friends to go with but,
they all said they can't go there because of they got other things to do on that day..
Some other told me that they don't feel like go anywhere beside staying at home..
Okay,, I really got no problem with that..
I also have invited my colleague and my senior at campus that I know via RSVP on Facebook..
One of my senior said she want to go..
She invited her two other friends to go too..
I even already asked her to go together to the concert..

It was a week before the concert took place and since I talked to her via Windows Live Messenger,,

there's no certainty whether she is going or not..
I know,, it's my fault that I didn't ask her for further confirmation..
I thought that if she really want to come,, she can go with her friends she told me before..
Besides,, my mom and my dad planned to go find presents for our family's Christmas event on the same day..
They told me if I want to be drove by my dad to the concert,,
I could go with them and after that I would directly be drove to the place..
I was so interested with that offer..
I was too lazy to go there by public transportation..
I just have already been there by using public transportation once and I have to watched carefully to every road I passed by coz I was so scared I got lost of direction.. (I am blind directions -,-")
At that moment,, I have far more better option,, to be drove by my dad..

You know what??
At 3 PM on "the day",, I still not prepared of anything..

From morning,, my mom and my dad didn't go anywhere..
I was thinking,, maybe they decided to drive me first and then they would go..
It was 3 .10 PM and I became so lazy to go to the concert..
At that time,, I was watching Disney channel live streaming... @.@
My mom asked me why I wasn't prepared at all..
I answered,, "I won't go.."
She replied, "Yeah.. We better go to the mall to search some presents for tomorrow.."
I thought I could also buy a pair of new shoes.. ;P
Then,, I decided not to go to the concert..
I feel so sorry to her.. -,-
I don't have courage to ask her whether she went or not.. -,-"
I promise if I meet her at campus,, I will ask her...

At the mall,, as always,, it's difficult to choose the fittest shoes for me..
I am the picky one,, guess..
At that time,, we was in Mall Artha Gading..
I try to search it in some shoe shops there,, but no result!
I usually find my older shoes at Gosh..

Then I told my mother to search in that shop coz I don't want to take a long time just to search it..
So we moved to Mall Kelapa Gading.. (no Gosh shop in the previous mall)

Unfortunately,, there was no models of shoes at Gosh that I like..
I visited two shoes shops before I got the one I like in Bata..
That's a good progress....
I used to search for a pair of shoes from morning till evening.. -,-" 
The process of choosing the one wasn't running smoothly..
I like a model of shoes,, but it made of yarn and my mother advice me to choose another coz it's easy to get dirty or damage..
So I got another model of shoes made of jeans that fit in my foot (thanks to Bata) but the problem is,, the size of my foot is remain one pair and one of the shoe's cut is not symmetrical..
Just because of that,, I didn't take it.. (see..!! I really am picky..)

I asked my mom to pick the previous one that I like and luckily,, she was agree..
Thanks Mom!! You're the best!! :)

In my mind now,, "I'm so happy having new shoes for tomorrow's service.." ^-^

Thursday, December 17, 2009


For my best Daddy in this whole world...

THANK YOU for all the blessings today! ^O^ 
THANK YOU for waking me up this morning..
THANK YOU for getting me to campus safely and on time..
THANK YOU for guiding me as I was doing my last exam..
THANK YOU for the brain that you gave me to remember all..
THANK YOU for giving me a chance to learn from my mistake..
THANK YOU for the beautiful and comforting song You gave through my friend..
THANK YOU for the rain that fell this afternoon..
THANK YOU for getting me, mom, dad, and my brother back to home safely..
THANK YOU for my mobile phone's new MMC and headset for this Christmas..
THANK YOU for our Batik selling that still going well until now on..
THANK YOU for our family altar that has going on until now..
THANK YOU for the courage You gave me to confess my sin in front of my parent so that my mom also has courage to confess her sin..
THANK YOU for the patient You gave me so that I can hold my emotion when my brother make me feel annoyed..

Although I have gone through a tough time..
But still..
THANK YOU for the tears.. 
Every tears that come out means You are adding me more strength to face my giants.. 
Coz I believe my life is not like wheel, but it's like ladder-steps that I am going higher and higher..
You are my miracle-working Daddy and I would love You still forever~

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Small Post for Another Miraculous Day

My third semester final exam is right in front of me now...Hohoho...
I feel the time is running so fast that I need to prepare more for the big game...

Today is my last microbiology laboratory class..
My first final exam either...
Overall,, it is done well enough and I'm thankful for it... :)

Tomorrow I'm going to have Pancasila final exam...
I feel so relieved to know that it is an open-book test...
At least,, I just need to prepare less than the close-book one...
Maybe for 1 week ahead,, I won't post anything...

Oww,, today after I ate my lunch, I bought a new true story book at Gramedia's clearance sale...
Feel so happy!!!^-^
I like to read other people life testimony...
It always opens my mind more and more....
The title of the book is Mengapa Ingin Kuakhiri Hidupku by Brent Runyon...
I hope there's a good story that I can learn inside it!!

Wish me luck for the exams!!
I wish you all have a great week ahead!!^^
Quote for this whole exams week:

 Old quote but it always works.. ;)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Rarely Watched Movie

Two days ago I went to Plaza Indonesia XXI with all my fellowship partners...
We watched this movie...


I like the story,, especially for this scene...
For me,, this is the climax... ;)


I can see Rain plays all out for the main character that he played, Raizo..


I like him far more better with his nice smile..
That's why smiling is so important... ;)
(Fiuh... So hard to get the big scale of this photo coz it can't be downloaded from the site... I have to copy it to MS Word first, then to Photoshop, and save it in JPEG format... -,-")

I rarely watch action movie,, even more about ninjas.. (except Ninja Hatori.. Hahaha XD)
I don't really like reading novels about ninjas or clans with their exclusive weapons called "piau"... But I think this kinda cool.. ;D

Last but not least,, every girl's favorite romantic scene..
This is teenager Raizo played by a Chinese guy named Joon Lee..

A goodbye kiss in the pouring rain~~

A little spoiler for this scene:
Kiriko, one of a few girls that also join Ozunu clan, fall in love with Raizo. She is an independent and brave woman who help Raizo to find the bright side of him and to follow it. She asked Raizo to leave the cruel life of Ozunu with her but sadly he refused the offer. So Kiriko decided to leave Ozunu by herself although Raizo already reminded her about the dangerous risk she could get.

I think this movie is worth to watch..
Although this movie tells story about ninjas which is some kids are fond of it..
To many killing scene and fake blood is everywhere.... ;P

Favorite quote: "Your heart is special.." by Raizo
Actually it is read "OUR HEART IS SPECIAL.." ^^

Friday, December 4, 2009

I AM HAPPY!!! ^___^


First,, my watch is already repaired!!!!!!

Second,, I met my long-time-no-see friend!!!!!!!

Third,, I got new friend named Melissa!!!!!!!

Fourth,, tomorrow is SATURDAY!!!!!!!!

Fifth,, one of my faculty's committee, which I really concern about, sell a bunch of flowers today and all is sold very fast than the days before!!!!!!!!

Sixth,, I just had meeting with the committee's chairman, secretary, treasurer, and also the care-takers (translate: penanggung jawab XD) and I feel so relieved to know that they have good preparation than I thought!!!!!!!!!
I pray that the proposal can make a goal through my university foundation... Amen!!!

Seventh,, I'm so glad and grateful to have a critical vice chairman and an understanding chairman in my faculty Student Council!!!!!!!!

Eight,, I will learn to be a worship leader in a small event!!!!!!!! Even though,, I feel so so nervous about this... This is my prime time!!!!!!

Ninth,, tonight I'm going to have my family altar and share all I have been through all day long.. As always!!!!!!!!!

Tenth,, I must do my assignments tomorrow!!!!!!!!!
Okay,, for this one,, I'm just cheering up my self...
You guys know it~~ XP

---- H.A.P.P.Y ---- H.A.P.P.Y ---- H.A.P.P.Y ---- H.A.P.P.Y ---- H.A.P.P.Y ---- H.A.P.P.Y ---- H.A.P.P.Y ---- H.A.P.P.Y ---- H.A.P.P.Y ----

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


At this moment,,
I am waiting for my friend doing her part for our group assignment tomorrow... 
Waiting for my mom back home from her trip to Singapore...
Waiting for my dad from picking her up at my aunt's house...

Waiting and don't know what to do~~~

So,, here I am...!! ^.^

My iTunes's now playing "Medley: Can't Smile Without You and Daybreak" from the album "In Love With Manilow"
Nice song~~

I'm still watching my group having conversation in the conference on Windows Live Messenger
while waiting my friend finish her job..
Why so late at night??
Cause she just got up from her sleep.. 
Haha XD
She said that yesterday she is fully wake up til morning...
Means,, no sleeping at all.....
I think we really have to learn manage our time,, especially for the next semester...

We are now discussing two accidents that just happened today...
One man and one woman fell down from the upper floor of a mall...
It took place in Grand Indonesia (the woman) and Senayan City (the man)...
For your information,, this is not the first case in Jakarta...
I just can shake my head from here...
What is happening with you, people??! >.<
Okay,, let the conversation continue and I just wanna wait til there's something I can help...
Wkwkwk ;P

Actually,, I have another better option in spite of writing this post..
I still have 2 assignments to do...
Fyuuu~~ (this expression has appeared many times today...)
One of the assignment just we got today and it must be collected on Thursday... @.@
What subject are we talking about??
~ Constantly you're on my mind~ (Sing it~~ It's one of MYMP song... ^.~)
Already got it??
I guess I will keep it for tomorrow... XP

Don't know what to write anymore...
Feel sleepy.... ~,~
And I'm still waiting...

Wish us luck for tomorrow presentation!!^^
Mom,, dad,, come home soon~~