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Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Concert and A Pair of New Shoes

Yesterday, I ought to go to Hillsong concert at 5 PM..
I already invited some of my high school friends to go with but,
they all said they can't go there because of they got other things to do on that day..
Some other told me that they don't feel like go anywhere beside staying at home..
Okay,, I really got no problem with that..
I also have invited my colleague and my senior at campus that I know via RSVP on Facebook..
One of my senior said she want to go..
She invited her two other friends to go too..
I even already asked her to go together to the concert..

It was a week before the concert took place and since I talked to her via Windows Live Messenger,,

there's no certainty whether she is going or not..
I know,, it's my fault that I didn't ask her for further confirmation..
I thought that if she really want to come,, she can go with her friends she told me before..
Besides,, my mom and my dad planned to go find presents for our family's Christmas event on the same day..
They told me if I want to be drove by my dad to the concert,,
I could go with them and after that I would directly be drove to the place..
I was so interested with that offer..
I was too lazy to go there by public transportation..
I just have already been there by using public transportation once and I have to watched carefully to every road I passed by coz I was so scared I got lost of direction.. (I am blind directions -,-")
At that moment,, I have far more better option,, to be drove by my dad..

You know what??
At 3 PM on "the day",, I still not prepared of anything..

From morning,, my mom and my dad didn't go anywhere..
I was thinking,, maybe they decided to drive me first and then they would go..
It was 3 .10 PM and I became so lazy to go to the concert..
At that time,, I was watching Disney channel live streaming... @.@
My mom asked me why I wasn't prepared at all..
I answered,, "I won't go.."
She replied, "Yeah.. We better go to the mall to search some presents for tomorrow.."
I thought I could also buy a pair of new shoes.. ;P
Then,, I decided not to go to the concert..
I feel so sorry to her.. -,-
I don't have courage to ask her whether she went or not.. -,-"
I promise if I meet her at campus,, I will ask her...

At the mall,, as always,, it's difficult to choose the fittest shoes for me..
I am the picky one,, guess..
At that time,, we was in Mall Artha Gading..
I try to search it in some shoe shops there,, but no result!
I usually find my older shoes at Gosh..

Then I told my mother to search in that shop coz I don't want to take a long time just to search it..
So we moved to Mall Kelapa Gading.. (no Gosh shop in the previous mall)

Unfortunately,, there was no models of shoes at Gosh that I like..
I visited two shoes shops before I got the one I like in Bata..
That's a good progress....
I used to search for a pair of shoes from morning till evening.. -,-" 
The process of choosing the one wasn't running smoothly..
I like a model of shoes,, but it made of yarn and my mother advice me to choose another coz it's easy to get dirty or damage..
So I got another model of shoes made of jeans that fit in my foot (thanks to Bata) but the problem is,, the size of my foot is remain one pair and one of the shoe's cut is not symmetrical..
Just because of that,, I didn't take it.. (see..!! I really am picky..)

I asked my mom to pick the previous one that I like and luckily,, she was agree..
Thanks Mom!! You're the best!! :)

In my mind now,, "I'm so happy having new shoes for tomorrow's service.." ^-^

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