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Friday, June 19, 2015

Living My Passion

So, this is the story..
The voice that I assume come from the surveillance camera was back at the end of February..
I know that I have anticipated this unfortunate event so that it can't occur again..
But I think I'M FAILED..
Yeah, an unexpected event happened while I was working, that is, I never prepare for this kind of situation before..
It's so beyond my expectation..
Well, the thing is I was disappointed by someone's act whom I respect so much..
Nope! It's not one of my client but just someone whom I respect..
I can't believe he/she can ever do this to me..
I've told him/her that I hate this kind of situation happen in my life from the first place..
But, I don't think he/she ever listen to me.. :'(
He/she already did that and I'm sure that situation can happen again all the time..
And the voice will come back to me at that time..
So, I decided to stop working in any company..

I decided to concentrate on my own online shop business that I've started since I resigned from 7-Eleven..
I sell kain batik and smartphone case on Instagram and Facebook..

I do worldwide shipping only for kain batik..
You can follow my instagram @voilamoi_id and @demoifavor, or add my facebook account "De Moi Favor", or like my Facebook page "Voilamoi_id" :)

I was contented with my first income from the online shop business since I ran it full time (not part time or run it while working at the office)..
I got more income from it compared to my income at the office..
I was so sure that this is the RIGHT decision to make..

But Daddy JC's plan for me was different..
He has much better plan..
I was bored doing online business and only staying at home..
Maybe it's because my work experience before as executive account that I have to meet client in many places..
Then I was planning to work as private teacher..
There's a well known school near my residence and I was convince I can find some student around my residence to be taught..
In short, few days after my birthday at the beginning of April, I got two junior high school student and they are twins!
My mom helped me to find them in an unexpected way (Daddy JC is always awesome!)
She asked her relatives whom also are private teacher and also my previous private teacher from elementary and high school about the fee I must set up to become a private teacher..
Approximately on the third week of April, I officially became a private teacher.. :)

I love this job..
I'm so happy to become a teacher beside Sunday School teacher..
Well, my passion is anything related to kids.. :D

Hey! It's not over yet..
On May, there's more unpredictable and exciting news for me..
I got another job opportunity as kindergarten teacher from my mom's relatives whom she asked to before about private teacher's fee..
But the school is far from my home..
I really wanted to work there though and I really didn't care about the voice that can be a risk if I work at a company..
It's because the job is my passion!!
My mom said that she and my dad supports me to work there as long as the income I got from there is worth it..
So I applied there and I was invited for my first interview at the beginning of May..
I was told that if I will be invited for the second interview if I past the first elimination..
Do you know how happy I was when I got a phone call informing about my second interview? :)
Unfortunately, at that time my body was not in a good condition..
I had to skip the interview because my thrombocytes level is low and I have to be hospitalized..
I spent one week in the hospital until my thrombocytes level back to normal..
After that one week, I didn't get a phone call from the school and I also had to go out of town to do a ministry in Mount Bromo (Surabaya) for another one week..

But, His plan never failed..
After I got home, I received the phone call! :D
I was nervous yet excited..
And the third phone call was a question when I could start work there.. :DD
Proud of it!

Me, Miss Grace (my partner on the right) and the toddler students :)

Me (the third from the left) on 2014-2015 student graduation and musical performance :)

Me with all teachers and all helpers at the graduation :)

Me at one of the student's birthday celebration :)

Me, Miss Susan, Miss Devi, Miss Grace, and Miss Lidia :)

Some gifts from K2 student who has graduated to elementary school.
Thanks to Clairine, Davisya, Richard, and Rara (K1) :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Feels So Gooooddd to Be Back :)

Is there anyone who still waiting for my post??? *doubting* :p
I bet many of you are already bored to read my post since I'm just a "temporary" blogger.. Hehe..
Well, I hope this post could bring the mood back :D

Let's start with the FLASHBACK! :)
I will start with the most interesting topic..
You should read this before you continue to read ;)

Yep! At the end of March 2014, the "surveillance cameras" thingy was back..
You know what?! I heard the voices of unknown people again at my latest office right after office hour..
I was really confirmed that I heard the voices of my co-workers which were already go home..
From that moment, I really feel so stupid for not believe in myself about the existence of surveillance cameras since I worked at 7-Eleven..
I complained to Daddy JC, "Why is this happening again, Dad??" :'(

Then, in short, since that day I didn't go to work for one month.. *Wow!*
I heard the voices again for almost one month at home and I was too scared to leave my home because I knew that I would hear people on street talking about the same topic that I heard from the voices at home..
At this moment, I bet you think that I'm suffered from a psychological diseases which is an auditory hallucination whenever I'm stressed out..
It's because the topic I heard from the voices was NOT RANDOM, it's all about me..
They *I mean the voices* always commented on my activity at that moment..
For example, when I was reading my mandarin book, the voices said "her mandarin is not bad, and bla bla bla" Sometimes they said positive comments and sometimes they said negative ones..
They even commented on my "private activity" in the bathroom, exactly the same with what I wrote in my previous post about the cameras..
What do you think??
I'm not crazy enough to tell myself a positive things to encourage myself to do something and some minutes later I tell myself negative things that can bring me down..
Oh, come on people..
I'm well aware that I still haven't found the cameras yet..
But I've decided to believe that the cameras are really exist..
During that one month, I also learnt that if I don't have Daddy JC in my life and this kind of situation happen to me, maybe I would end up in mental hospital like others.

Thank God, I kinda have a clue now when the surveillance camera will be on again.. ;)
*at this point, you have the right to judge me that I'm way out of my mind to get this kind of idea and you can stop reading my blog anytime because I know that most people will think it's nonsense/bullshit*
I got this clue when I was pushing my brain to think why the camera is on again during that one month..
I'm so sorry that I can not share it here because I have to anticipate the case that the person who set the cameras read this post..
I myself only 90% sure that the clue is exactly right..
So, the chances that the cameras will be on again are still there..
And I've been asking Daddy JC to not let this situation happen again anymore..


As the Scriptures tell us, “Anyone who trusts in Him will never be disgraced.”
- Romans 10:11 (NLT)

Please don't get the wrong idea, I do trust/believe that the cameras are exist but I DON'T trust/believe in the people voices..
I do trust/believe in myself that I hear the voices of the people I know talking "behind my back", but I DON'T trust/believe in their talks or comments..

One thing for sure, I have really been struggling to avoid that situation (by always remind myself about the clue) ever since I was back to work until now..
There are two things that help me to keep holding on:
1. I always have my Daddy JC besides me and His "love letters" with me
2. I have to appreciate my boss for understanding & still welcoming me after that one month. I'm still working at the same office and I can say I've been through many wonderful experiences at the office until now :)

We can rejoice, too, when we run into problems and trials, for we know that they help us develop endurance. And endurance develops strength of character, and character strengthens our confident hope of salvation. And this hope will not lead to disappointment. For we know how dearly God loves us, because he has given us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with his love.
- Romans 5: 3-5 (NLT)

For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow.
- James 1:3 (NLT)

One more thing!
The song that is played when you open my blog is my currently favorite song titled "Found Faithful".
If you can't find the button to stop the music in my blog, you can find the button on the bottom. ;)

~ to be continued ~

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Another Flashback with Snapshots

New year time again and I'm so excited!
This is time for another flashback..
Well, let's do this briefly..

1. Starting to step into the world of work.
This year is like a new beginning for me..
I've entered the money digging world where everyone take a part too in it..
That's why I don't have much time to do another thing including blogging..
As some of you already know from my previous blog post about my first job in 2013 at 7-Eleven, there's so much thing happen there..
I really am too lazy to tell it twice.. :p
So, this is me now working at advertising agency owned by my parent's friend..
The name is "Dian Media Nusantara Abadi (DMN)" advertising..
It's not a big agency but I'm grateful to have an "Account Executive" experience here..
I have a chance to meet many new people from many big company and trying my best to attract them to be our agency's client..
Everyday my closest friend at office is telephone (wkwk)..
I have to search and search and search new companies as potential clients to be and find the contact number on internet..
And then I have to phone them one by one until I get someone who sound interested to know more about our agency..
After that I must arrange a meeting to present our company profile, ask them about their advertising strategy, and offer the advertising packet..
If they are interested to place an advertising whether it's on radio or print media, then I must process it into media plan and ask the media buying department to order the spot to chosen radio station or print media..
Or if they are interested to place an advertising on TV, then I must tell our sister company named "OASE" to process it..
OR if they are interested to make an activation (it's an event that can be held by a company or a radio station where the company can be one of the sponsor to enhance their product promotion), then I also must process it into media plan and arrange technical and evaluation meeting..
Until now, I really enjoy my work there..

I want to make a bit promotion post of OASE and DMN advertising agency..
This is several TV advertising that OASE has made before..

And this is several radio advertising that DMN has made:
- Glaxo Smith Kline 60" radio spot
Agung Podomoro Land project "Green Bay Kiosk" 60" radio spot
Kalbe Farma's cough medicine "Procold" 60" radio spot
Sanken dispenser 60" radio spot
Quantum gas stove 60" radio spot

The last one are print ads made by OASE..

DMN and OASE also make survey every end of the year for knowing about whether there's changing in radio listener habit..
This is the first time I interviewed random people around me :)

Souvenirs from our client for every survey respondent 

I know that this job is very different from my major at university..
But looking at my previous work experience, I think this is the best starting point..
I could learn to interact with and how to attract client as Account Executive and have time to learn Mandarin as second international language because my house, office, and Mandarin course place are near to each other..
Furthermore, I could relate to many companies and get more channels in case I want to find a new job after this..
Who knows this is my stepping stone to get the job related to my major or maybe I could directly take the scholarship? Amen!

2. The first time I involve in children care organization & join a free charity concert ALONE.
The concert named "Worship Gratitude For Indonesia with Love"..
It's held by Sidney Mohede and Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI) on March 2013..
I really wanna go there because of those two..
Sidney Mohede is a very gifted and blessed singer and also worship leader and Wahana Visi Indonesia is a children non-profit organization..
At the concert, Sidney urged all the audience to take apart in child sponsorship program where WVI will choose one of child from one of Indonesia's remote area to be sponsored by us..
We only have to donate 150,000 IDR every month to our sponsored child..
Because of it's one of my dream to get involved in child care organization, then I spontaneously took a part in it..

Disciples opening performance.

Sidney Mohede & team performance.

Sidney Mohede & his sponsored child named Aan from Sekadau, Kalimantan.

 "Worship Gratitude for Indonesia with Love" concert ticket.

My sponsored child named Juninho Enzo Miguel Tiodorus also from Sekadau, Kalimantan.
I've donated him since April 2013 :)

And this is why you must take a part too in the sponsorship program! :)
For you who isn't Indonesian, you can take part in www.worldvision.org..

I also gave a birthday gift to Enzo (that's his nickname) on June 22..
I sent him a paper craft pattern of money box with football shape..
There, in his home town (Sekadau in Kalimantan), he can construct the money box with one of WVI staff's help..
I also sent him a birthday card with my drawing of me and him holding hands and I attached my and his head photos above each body picture..
Unfortunately I forgot to take the photos because I'm in the middle of my "Life Series of Unfortunate Event" where I thought too much back then..

(left): Some letters from Enzo, drawn by Enzo and written by WVI staff; (right): 2014 desk calendar from WVI

 Learning book created by me and football paper role play for Enzo's Christmas and New Year gift

If you look at my right side bar at the "Take Your Part! ;)" spot, there's new picture stick on it..
It is from www.postpals.co.uk..
How does it work?

This is the kid I chose from that web:

Why I chose her?
Simple reason..
First is because her disease is almost the same w/ my brother's..
So, my brother has suffered from post-traumatic seizure (almost the same w/ post-traumatic epilepsy) and also post-traumatic amnesia since the accident..
He was 19 years old when it happened..
He loss all his cognitive and psychomotor skill so he had childlike behavior, but he's getting better every year even though sometimes his seizure recur..
You can see my brother's development from my family labels (at the right side bar)..
Now, he can't read yet but he can write down his name and also sign autograph when he's going to make e-KTP..
He can take a bath or do toilet activities by himself..
One more thing, he LOVES to sing!
Every time you say a word, he immediately begin to sing a song which has the word in it..
For example, you're asking "Why?" and then he begin to sing "Why do you love me? So sweet and tenderly.." and so on..
Funny, huh? Exactly.. It's really entertaining.. :)

Another organization I involved in is www.sendkidstheworld.com..
I found this website from a member of Indonesia's postcrossing community Facebook group..

From that web, I choose this two children to be sent some postcards:

The first time I look at his name I was already interested and when I clicked his name, it appeared that he also has no sibling to play or share with. That's why I chose him.

I clicked on her name randomly but it appeared to me that she is from Indonesia. Because she is near, I'm going to send her not only postcard but also some Disney Princess gift. That's why I chose her.

3. Join a life insurance.

At first, I was offered by one of my university's senior about Prudential life insurance..
But finally, I ended up taking the insurance from my mom's office friend..
All this time, none of my family has taken a life insurance..
For me and my family, our life insurance is Him, the One and only..
And it's still valid even though I'm the first person who has taken it..
I know that it means my spending will increase as I must pay for the insurance, but then why should I worry?
I think this is one of advantageous decision I've ever made..

4. Took part as worship leader again in Youth fellowship.

I guess the "Unfortunate Event" has brought me benefit especially to my self confidence..
Now, I feel more confidence to stand in front of the audience and can sing freely without much worry.. :)

5. Christmas celebration!

Third Christmas celebration w/ my mom's family at Puspita Loka, Tangerang.

Christmas present from my lovely aunt, Elina Achmadi :)

Fourth Chrismas celebration w/ my dad's family at Griya Talangsari, Bogor.
Me, Kak Nona, my brother, Kak Pingkan, mom.

 @ Griya Talangsari, Bogor.
Dad, me, my brother, mom.

Christmas present from gift exchange w/ my dad's family.

Christmas present from DMN's gift exchange :)

6. End of year office gathering (December 31, 2013).

A seafood restaurant at Ancol (North Jakarta)

 Devi (the left sitting girl) & BuDe (beside Devi)'s birthday celebration!
The photos are dark because of the sunlight.

A piece of BuDe (Dec 25) and Devi (Dec 27)'s birthday cake made of orange

 All DMN members (minus Kak Putri, Kak Evi, Mbak Woro, and the drivers).
From top to bottom; left to right: Kak Jessica, Ci Yohana, Mbak Tini, Kak Uchy, Hana, Me, Kak Ratna, Ci Sieni, Kak Ane, Devi, Bu Dewi, Kak Prissy.

7. Doing Obsessive Corbuzier's Diet (OCD).
FYI, this is our current trending diet in Indonesia..
Actually, I never do diet because formerly whatever I eat didn't give effect to my weight..
But recently, it does give much effect..
I don't know why, but after the "unfortunate event" my weight easily increase..
Before, my weight is 55 kg and now is 65 kg.. >___<
I started this diet on October but failed..
Some of my clothes that I wore in March or April don't fit already.. :(
Then I started over the diet on December 17 until now and it works!
I've lost about 3 kg.. :)
I used to wonder why people do diet..
But now, I myself has to do it..
I'm grateful for this diet experience though..
Let's see how long I can survive with this diet..
For this diet, I directly took the 24 hours fasting..
However, I've eaten pudding from my brother's hospital at one night and macaroni schotel in one of the X'mas celebration at the other night (not consecutively).. :p

8.My brother got his longest convulsion (approximately 5 hours) after a long time on December 20 and got hospitalized again for 3 days.

One thing I couldn't forget is the neurology doctor didn't want to be paid for his 2 times visit..
Wow.. What an awesome God we have :) I'm so ashamed w/ myself because these last 6 months, especially after the unfortunate event, my personal relationship w/ Him is getting further. :(

9. New second hand home furniture! :)

TV and display shelf from my uncle and aunty :)

10. Registered as Mandarin language's student!

I'm registered as this student officially on December 13 at Silaparamita monastery..

The class will begin on January 10, 2014 on Tuesday and Friday at 8.30 PM..
Wish me all the best!
I'm grateful that I could take this class while I have to work..
Can't wait for new friends and atmosphere :)

For the resolution, still the same with previous year, I will keep up w/ my 2012 resolution:
  • Get up at 2 AM every morning for the Daily Bread -> a quarter done :p
  • Go to sleep at maximum 11 PM -> almost done!
  • Finish reading the whole Bible -> not yet
  • Learn to drive car -> not yet. I hope it can be fulfilled in the end of this year. Amen!
  • Taking part time job (I want it to be in HACCP field but, we'll see.. I've been thinking a lot about this and I've come to a conclusion: I don't like working in the lab.. Yea.. Some of the reason is because my internship experience..) -> done! Apparently I got full time job even it's not the job I want, but I enjoy it so much :)
  • Taking graduate studies in bioethics field (Amen!) -> seems like if it's according to His plan I'll take the scholarship in 2016 after my 2 years working experience. Amen!
  • Get involve in children activist organization :) -> done!

Boat riding at Bandar Djakarta, Ancol (Dec 31, 2013).