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Friday, January 21, 2011

So Thankful

Hi all!! Here I am again.. ^^

I'm currently busy with my internship at PT Indofood Fritolay Makmur..
Everyday I have to make a report and I just felt like I'm still doing my college thingy..
I wake up at 5.30 AM, go to the factory at 6.30 AM, go home at 5 PM and arrive at 6.30 PM, eat dinner, play with my cousin until 8-9 PM, went to my bedroom to do my report until approximately 1 AM.. That's my current life cycle.. Haha..
Thank God it's Saturday night.. x)

I'm studying about implementation of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) in there..
Umm, actually I tend to learn about ISO 22000, because their food safety management system refer to ISO 22000 manual..
Nice people, nice environment..
It's been two weeks and I already learnt so much :)
Formerly, I applied for the Quality Control (QC), but they said that the QC Supervisor was busy..
Then I got a position in Quality Assurance (QA).. Nevertheless, I'm so grateful to get this opportunity..
I don't know, but I really enjoy working outside the lab.. Hahaha..
Well, I always know He has the best plan for me :))

And my mentor is so kind and smart!
I could see that he is fully trusted by his boss (the QA/QC Manager)..
As a document controller and also QA Supervisor of machine calibration, he got so many things to do..
He helps managing two factory of PT Indofood Fritolay Makmur which is located in Tangerang and Semarang..
I felt like a "neglected child" when there was an internal quality audit.. -_-"
A bit information for you, internal quality audit is an event when a group of auditor from PT Indofood Sukses Makmur have to make sure that food safety system in the factory goes well according to built procedure.. It is held for two days or more, start with an opening meeting and end with closing meeting.. Not finish there, the audited food safety team has to do an evaluation meeting, too..
Impact on me -> I was left out for 4 days and had to study a pile of documents by myself.. ><

I've told you in my previous post that I'm staying at my aunt's house..
I'm so happy to stay here with

 my aunt and uncle
(couple since junior high school.. So sweet~ :)),

my eldest cousin and her children
whom are my niece and nephews,

(photos coming soon ;))
Mbak Wit (their trusted nanny),

(photos coming soon ;))
the 3 hamsters,

2 Cupang fishes,

5 turtles,

a lobster,

and some other fishes.

They do love animals.. Me too!! :))

Today, I heard a great yet touching news about my brother..
My mom told me that my brother continuously called my name today..
And when I spoke to him on the phone an hours ago, my mom said that he suddenly cried..
I'm happy that he could feel this kind of emotion, missing somebody who is close to him..
It proves that his memory is good enough.. :') Thx Dad..

I'll be home tomorrow.. Don't cry my lil brother.. Love you always :*

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