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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Constantly You're on My Mind~~

Are you questioning "Who are 'you'?" ??
Actually,, the exact question is "What are 'you'?"
And the answer is "MPPI..." XD

For all of you who doesn't know this interesting subject in my faculty,,
I want to share you my opinion about it..

MPPI stands for "Metode Penulisan dan Penyajian Ilmiah"..
It's the subject which always and always seizes my time...
Basically,, this subject teach us how to make a proper composition...
I do believe that someday and somehow it will be useful for me in making my minithesis or other composition..

Beside increasing my knowledge (especially about Nata.. Haha XD),,
I also learn to write a composition in the right way,,
make an illustration like table or graphic (also with the right format),, references,,
and the making of project proposal (maybe it's not a real project,, at least I know how to make a proposal)..

The thing is,, I just can't stand keeping my eyes open in front of my laptop screen,,
trying to stand what I read in a journal..
The docent wants us to use primer source for the references...
That means we're just allowed to use source from journal,, the result and discussion part..
Try it and you'll know how extraordinary difficult it is...
Me and all of my faculty friends have been through this tough part for more than one year...
Surely,, we all must get used to it... (already maybe.. XP)

The latest assignment for this MPPI subject is making a composition based on our own ideas..
Not to forget the rule: 4 until 8 primer sources with minimal publication date in 1999..
The only thing I know is I will do my best no matter what!!
Wish me luck!! ^.^

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