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Sunday, January 1, 2012

"Wow, wow, wow.."

Time sure flies so fast..
It's already time for flashback again.. :D
I'm questioning to myself why I must do this? What for?
And I answer to myself (hahaha)..
By recapping all things I've done or experienced in one whole year, it helped me to become a more grateful person and to learn from the past so that I can make a better resolution for another new year to live.. :))

Wow, wow, wow..
That's how I express all things I've gone through 2011..
Yes, I feel like I really am formed this year..
All happy and unhappy moments in this year really have changed me much..
It changed my point of view in some ways, it improved my self-control, it somehow helped me to overcome my greatest fear in a very unique way, and most of all made me closer to Him.. :))

I've made half of the flashback in June 2011..
Now I'm going to continue it..

9. The first time I created a video using Windows Movie Maker ;p It's for one of my faculty club's event called "Penelitian Universal" on 22nd of September. We looked up for an experiment about bubbles from the internet, we tried it, we documented it in a video, and we were chosen as the second winner! Thanks to my solid team: Beatrix, Carla, Sheila, and Clara :)

10. Microbes blog. Remember Microbes, my faculty bulletin? The blog was officially published in May 2011. I took part in the layout design. www.microbesgoesonline.blogspot.com :)

11. The first time (again) I got a chance to be one of laboratorium assistants for my junior at campus. I have asked Him since the 4th semester and He gave me this chance in 7th semester. Well, why I asked for this chance? The only motivation of mine is I want to learn how to transfer my knowledge to others. And I've learned much from this experience. Thanks Dad :) I know You heard my prayer and waited for the best time.

Thanks also to all my junior (the first photo is my message and impression's notes from all bioinformatic participants during my assistance) and all bioinformatic laboratorium's assistants (the girls in the photo: Myra, me, Stefani, Marlin, Isabella, the only boy: Theda) and Pak Adi Yulandi (as bioinformatic docent) for the help, cooperation, and togetherness all this time :)

12. Bromelain extraction and characterization! This is my research for final assignment that I've started since October 2011. Since this is not my real passion, I really am learn to love all the enzyme thingy ;). So why enzyme? Hmm.. The reason I choose my research topic is because I don't want to deal with DNA, plant, or microorganism. LOL. Second reason is the benefit of my research result can be applied directly for some industries especially food industry. I've done the pre-research final test. It tested my knowledge and mastery level in my research (the research method, bromelain information, etc). This final test TRULY has taught me to fully depend on Him. That was a real prove that I could't depend on myself but Him. I'm way thankful for this experience. I hope I could learn more from this research to prepare me more for the future :)

13. November 19; December 23 & 24, 2011. My brother got convulsion for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th time in this year and didn't got hospitalized. That time was for my mom to prove her faith. I, my dad, and my mom only praised and prayed until the convulsion stopped. We were struggling for approximately 1 hour. I still could feel the joyfulness I felt that day. 'Cause You are faithful to all that You have promised :))

This is a video of my brother praising. Looking at his expression does make me laugh. :D
The screen orientation changes couple of times, so sorry for the inconvenient.

14. Learning guitar! :) I got a guitar (the one that show up in the video above) from the last tenant of my other house (now the house is already sold). They left the guitar with some strings broken. My dad took it and currently fixed it. I myself want to learn to play guitar since long time ago. Maybe this is the time! I started learning the chords from song books I have last month and now I become addicted to it. I never miss a day not playing it, even during days of final test. ;p

15. Grow in fellowship. First, this year I'm trusted to lead one of sharing groups consist of 4 or 5 peoples in my campus fellowship twice. The members of each sharing group is randomised each week, so it's not a permanent group. I'm longing to have my own permanent small fellowship group since high school. Maybe this can be a practice before I'm trusted with a bigger responsibility. Amen! Second, I have new fellowship in my new church called "Youth"! Yes, I grew up and learned much in these two fellowship. I have been taught not to leave my fellowship because those are people who support me to keep on fire in Him. I've already left my fellowship for a period of time and it proved that I become more far away from Him. When I'm far away from Him, I found no peace, no joy, no spirit at all. Really don't wanna do that again.

Big family of Youth Gereja Allah Baik :)

16. A puppy to care for. Yes, yes, yes. We named it Browny. It's a male puppy, born from a wild dog that like to go around my house complex. Browny is very active and smart puppy. My dad took him couple weeks after he's born. He has two siblings. My dad said he's the second born. As a puppy, Browny love to bite things around him and he still learn to bark.

So, this is it..
Now let's move on to my resolution for 2012.. :)
You should take a look my resolution 2011:

  • Finish reading the whole bible..
  • Never start a day without the Daily Bread..
  • Get sleep in minimal 5 hours a day..
  • Produce "my own money" by tutoring or taking a part-time job..
  • Be a good role model (especially for my brother)..

  • Get up at 4 AM every morning for the Daily Bread
  • Go to sleep at maximum 12 AM
  • Do not argue with mom or dad's order or advice. If it's not like what you want, just say it nicely
  • Do weekly review for MICROBES' schedule/publication

Well, formerly I have crossed out the fourth point in my 2010 resolution but it turns out it is achieved this year..
That is producing "my own money" by being bioinformatic assistant.. :)
We never know what would happen, right?
He always works in unexpected way and it's all for our own good..
This year my desire to achieve the first point of my 2010 resolution almost becomes unbearable..
So I will include it again in my 2012 resolution..
There's also a slight change in my maximum bed and Daily Bread time, since I have made a commitment this recent few weeks..
And for the third and fourth point of my 2011 resolution I think I'll eliminate it..
It's because for the third point, I learned that it's not a resolution for me again..
I have grown up and it must become my habit..
The fourth point is because I don't have to do that again in 2012 since I'll officially not longer a Microbes member again..
Besides, I never do my own weekly review since I moved to design division.. ;p
Okay, here we goes, Jc's 2012 resolution:

  • Get up at 2 AM every morning for the Daily Bread
  • Go to sleep at maximum 11 PM
  • Finish reading the whole Bible
  • Learn to drive car
  • Taking part time job (I want it to be in HACCP field but, we'll see.. I've been thinking a lot about this and I've come to a conclusion: I don't like working in the lab.. Yea.. Some of the reason is because my internship experience..)
  • Taking graduate studies in bioethics field (Amen!)
  • Get involve in children activist organization :)
*The last two is not necessarily achieved in 2012, it could be prolonged to 2013..

Be blessed all :)


Diandra Epifania said...

Happy New Year, Jessie :) Very interesting and challenging resolutions. Good luck with them (^-^)b

Dogloverzz said...

Di, aku lagi online jg loh..
Aku juga barusan baca post kamu yg baru..
Hah, 2011 memang tahun yg luar biasa.. :D
Ayo sama2 berjuang!!! ^O^