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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Rarely Watched Movie

Two days ago I went to Plaza Indonesia XXI with all my fellowship partners...
We watched this movie...


I like the story,, especially for this scene...
For me,, this is the climax... ;)


I can see Rain plays all out for the main character that he played, Raizo..


I like him far more better with his nice smile..
That's why smiling is so important... ;)
(Fiuh... So hard to get the big scale of this photo coz it can't be downloaded from the site... I have to copy it to MS Word first, then to Photoshop, and save it in JPEG format... -,-")

I rarely watch action movie,, even more about ninjas.. (except Ninja Hatori.. Hahaha XD)
I don't really like reading novels about ninjas or clans with their exclusive weapons called "piau"... But I think this kinda cool.. ;D

Last but not least,, every girl's favorite romantic scene..
This is teenager Raizo played by a Chinese guy named Joon Lee..

A goodbye kiss in the pouring rain~~

A little spoiler for this scene:
Kiriko, one of a few girls that also join Ozunu clan, fall in love with Raizo. She is an independent and brave woman who help Raizo to find the bright side of him and to follow it. She asked Raizo to leave the cruel life of Ozunu with her but sadly he refused the offer. So Kiriko decided to leave Ozunu by herself although Raizo already reminded her about the dangerous risk she could get.

I think this movie is worth to watch..
Although this movie tells story about ninjas which is some kids are fond of it..
To many killing scene and fake blood is everywhere.... ;P

Favorite quote: "Your heart is special.." by Raizo
Actually it is read "OUR HEART IS SPECIAL.." ^^

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