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Thursday, December 17, 2009


For my best Daddy in this whole world...

THANK YOU for all the blessings today! ^O^ 
THANK YOU for waking me up this morning..
THANK YOU for getting me to campus safely and on time..
THANK YOU for guiding me as I was doing my last exam..
THANK YOU for the brain that you gave me to remember all..
THANK YOU for giving me a chance to learn from my mistake..
THANK YOU for the beautiful and comforting song You gave through my friend..
THANK YOU for the rain that fell this afternoon..
THANK YOU for getting me, mom, dad, and my brother back to home safely..
THANK YOU for my mobile phone's new MMC and headset for this Christmas..
THANK YOU for our Batik selling that still going well until now on..
THANK YOU for our family altar that has going on until now..
THANK YOU for the courage You gave me to confess my sin in front of my parent so that my mom also has courage to confess her sin..
THANK YOU for the patient You gave me so that I can hold my emotion when my brother make me feel annoyed..

Although I have gone through a tough time..
But still..
THANK YOU for the tears.. 
Every tears that come out means You are adding me more strength to face my giants.. 
Coz I believe my life is not like wheel, but it's like ladder-steps that I am going higher and higher..
You are my miracle-working Daddy and I would love You still forever~

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