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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Holiday Movie Reviews

I just read my friend's blog,, Pixie's Singing..
I'm reminded of a movie that I watched few weeks ago in Cinema 21 Plaza Semanggi and I wanna make a small review about it..
I watched it with some of my campus friends..

One word,, AWESOME!!!
I don't know how they got the idea of the story..
Mixing of real world and 3D animation... @.@
One thing I know is this movie's director is James Cameron..
Do you know that he is the director of Titanic??!
I just saw that movie on RCTI Box Office 2 days ago..
I think every year RCTI airs that everlasting romantic movie...
And I'm always excited to see it.. XD
Okay,, let's begin the review...

There's some researchers working with military units who wants to take over fluorescent mine from a planet named Pandora. The planet is inhabited by Na'vi people. The story is told take place in 2120 if I'm not mistaken, don't really remember the year. In order to run the military's intention, they use a paraplegic war veteran named Jake Sully to discover Pandora land and pretend to be one of the Na'vis. As the reward, Jake is offered spinal surgery that will fix his legs. With existing technology in that year, Jake and one of the researcher, Dr. Grace Augustine, become one of the Na'vis. I can tell it reminds me of the way Neo from The Matrix leave the real world and enter Matrix world. The different is in Pandora, they can't use human body cause... Just watch it. ;) Accidentally, Jake fell in love with Neytiri, daughter of Na'vi people's chief. As the intention of Colonel Miles Quarich to collected the fluorescent mine becomes bigger and bigger, he launch a big aggression to Pandora and an epic battle occurs.

 Pandora: The Na'vis Place

From left to right: Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and his avatar, Neytiri dubbed by Zoe Saldana, Dr. Grace Augustine (Sigourney Weaver) and her avatar

Another great movie I just saw on TV instead of Titanic is The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.. 
It aired at 1.oo AM on Trans 7 and I still woke up..
Holiday~~ Ckckck...


The story of 4 best friends with their magic pants..
I like the scene when the four girls try on the jeans and it fit their legs...
I know it is nonsense, but I imagine it like a miracle that happens in every unique different way.. :)
I really want to try traveling alone..
Yeah,, someday I will...
That's my confession of faith..
This teenager movie is based on Ann Brashares' book...

I have seen this book when I'm still in Senior High School at the school library,, but I haven't read it...
Like I said before,, I'm more interested in true story book.. :)
This is the review..

Four childhood friends; Tibby Tomko-Rollins, Lena Kaligaris, Carmen Lowell and Bridget Vreeland; accidentally find a magical jeans that fits perfectly on all of them. They decide to spend their summer traveling by their own self, bringing the jeans. They promise each other to use the jeans alternately and send letter about their traveling experience. They make 10 sisterhood rules for the jeans usage. Lena visits her grandparents in Greece and meets Kostos. Tibby remains at home, films a movie, and gets new friend, a young girl named Bailey. Bridget goes to soccer camp in Mexico and falls in love with Eric, one of her coaches. Carmen visits her dad in South Carolina and finds out a shocking secret. They all learn something which make them grow up and realized that best friends' bond is truly valuable.

Today at 3.00 AM I watched a movie titled Molly: An American Girl on the Home Front.. 
I like movies that tell story about a small family with a country's historical background...
Specifically,,  I like the girl or woman's dresses from Europe's old era..
It definitely looks sweet and elegant...


Molly, a girl from a fictional town of Jefferson, Illinois, lives during the World War II. Her father is a doctor and compare with her sister and brother, she is close to his father. One day, Molly's father decide to be a volunteer at the war that took place in England in purpose to cure the war's victims. At first Molly disagree with the decision, but when her father promise her to come back, she finally can let him go. On the other side, Molly's family get a new comer named Emily from London, England. She is at the same age with Molly. Because of Emily, Molly learns how to get along with someone new. I think if we want to make friend with anybody, all we must have is openness and acceptance. Be open to show who you really are and try to accept change, people, the reality.

Hey,, I just realized that I have completed watching three American Girl series..
I remember I have watched a movie with "An American Girl" in the title but I don't know it is in one series.. @.@

I have seen these 3 movies and I like all of them :)

From left to right : Shailene Woodley as Felicity, Anna Sophia Robb as Samantha, Maya Ritter as Molly

 The Dolls and The Books (Cute, aren't they?!) 

After I browse the internet for another American Girl movies,, I find these two..

Wanna watch it soon!!! >o<

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