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Monday, February 15, 2010

What A Day

Yesterday we absolutely have no time to buy the Harvest's cake like I told in Celebrate Love in The Season of Giving 's post..
My mom woke me up at 5.30 AM while I just slept for about 2 hours..
We prepared our self to go to one of my uncle's house in Muara Karang..
We were chasing time so we could get to Gunung Sahari at 2 PM for my Sunday School teacher's coaching (as usually) without losing time with our big family.. (It's xin jia, remember?)
At 7 AM we arrived at his house, said "gong xi fa cai..", did very little talk, and then leaved..
It was because he must went to the morning service at 8 AM..

Our next destination was my eldest aunt's house in Tanggerang..
All my other uncle and aunt would gather there..
When we got there, my aunt, my cousin, my niece and nephews were all ready go to church..
After a few amiable words, they leaved and we waited at her house..
As I waited, I used their computer just for some minutes coz my eyes really couldn't cooperate..
Their nice maid made me two slice of toast bread with Ceres on both of it.. (Thanks to Mbak Wit :))
I hadn't eat anything for breakfast since that morning..
Was desperately hungry and tired~~
And guess what??
I slept on their comfy couches for 3 hours, waiting for the other relatives came there.. -,-"

It was already 12 PM when I woke up..
They already got back from church but there was just one family coming.. (It supposed to be 5 families..)
So the time kept running until it reached 1 PM..
That means I had to go to the next place~~
I met one more family before I went..
Where were the rest??

On my way to Gunung Sahari, the traffic jam said "Hello" to me and it caused me 30 minutes late.. (I had thought to not join it because I was so late..)
That day coaching material was "Story Telling Workshop"..
The speaker was from GKI Gunung Sahari itself named Andreas Novi..
He is a Sunday School teacher of the 5th grade..
I don't know the right word to describe his personality..
All I can tell you is that day he wore red long-sleeved  tight T-shirt with pink tape under the neck and a pair of red strappy shoes..
One more thing, he got red highlighted hair too..
Beside the Sunday School, he is a Salsa dance teacher and radio announcer at Radio Pelita Kasih..
His regular job? He works at tax office..
What a combination~~
Well, he's about 20s or 30s.. (I guess~ I'm not good at guessing someone's age.. -,-")
He taught us about kind of voices and face mimics in story telling..
You know, angry voices, sad voices, happy voices, the old man voices, a child voices, etc..
Oh, he also told us that he had experienced a movie casting..
Okay... I could see that from the start..
I just felt like joining an acting school~~ XD
For next week, I must come forward to perform a story telling..
I think I already get used to show up in front of the other coaching participants..
Wish me luck then! :))

Wait, it's not over yet..
After the coaching, I moved on to the evening service at my church in Cipinang..
(The gasoline was very wasted~~)
Fortunately, the coaching (more precisely, "the acting school") was so refreshing..
The service finished at approximately 6.30 PM..
I really wanted to go home, but I couldn't...
I have to wait my mom and dad did the choir practice..
Even more, I have my dinner at the church.. (It was a full bowl of meatballs made by one of the choir's member.. Thanks to Tante Kim :))
Nearly 8 PM (finally) I arrived home..
I was very tired but I still have one thing to do..
Yes, the family altar...
We did it right away before we really got sleepy..
I felt refresh again and I found myself watched the midnight box office again.. :P
Definitely will make the movie reviews~~
I got Runaway Bride, Because of Winn Dixie, Little Manhattan, and the Japanese cartoon movie: Totoro.. ^^

So grateful for this day~~
Love You!

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