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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Celebrate Love in The Season of Giving

We all know that Valentine and the Chinese New Year (or Xin Jia) are celebrated on the same date this year..
So, which one are you going to celebrate??

To be honest, the Xin Jia event is more attached to my mind..
I admit maybe one of the reason is because the family tradition..
All unmarried members in the family will receive Ang Pao from the other married members..
Yeah.. Who doesn't get excited about it?! :P
Since last week, my mom already got busy preparing more than 20 small-rectangular-red envelopes for my cousins, nieces, and nephews..
The rectangular one is too typical..
Now it comes with many other shape variation..
Some of the Ang Paos which my mom bought

Look at those two with Disney Princess and Mickey & Minnie's print on it..
Those are my favorite..
I'm sure all my little cousins will like it, too..
Beside that, my mom also bought two packs of plum fruits..
One for my family and one for my eldest aunt's family..

Plums for Xin Jia :)

I'm not full Chinese..
So I don't do all the Chinese tradition (except the red envelope's tradition) in order to welcome this special event..
Read this, a bit information I got from Wikipedia..

On the days before the New Year celebration Chinese families give their home a thorough cleaning. There is a Cantonese saying "Wash away the dirt on ninyabaat" (年廿八,洗邋遢), but the practice is not usually restricted on nin'ya'baat (年廿八, the 28th day of month 12). It is believed the cleaning sweeps away the bad luck of the preceding year and makes their homes ready for good luck. Brooms and dust pans are put away on the first day so that luck cannot be swept away. Some people give their homes, doors and window-frames a new coat of red paint. Homes are often decorated with paper cutouts of Chinese auspicious phrases and couplets. Purchasing new clothing, shoes, and receiving a hair-cut also symbolize a fresh start.

I do feel the impact of those Chinese families' ritual in my environment..
First, I had to wait for 2 hours when I did my monthly hair-cut in a salon.. (usually I wait for a maximum one hour.. Not more~)
And second, I got difficulty arranging date for the Faculty Council room's cleaning that has been delayed many times.. (some of the Student Council's member do the cleaning ritual in their house~)

Now the question is:
Am I not going to celebrate Valentine's day??
Of course I will~~
I, my brother, and my parents already planned to celebrate it in our own way..
We will buy a medium size of Harvest 's chocolate cake and eat it together.. :))
Simple, isn't it?!
I just wanna feel the togetherness~~
Coz I know one day it will become one of my sweetest memory..
And I really don't wanna lose this precious moment..

From the deepest of my heart, I just wanna say that

 my Jesus, my family, my friends, and all of you... :)

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