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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Always Like Somebody's Life Testimony

Blogging time!! Hehe..

Okay.. Right to the point..

My inspiring Words for this week is from Matthew 6: 33..
"But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well."
The case is simple, actually..

Last week, I watched premieres of Take Celebrity Out until the middle of the show..
Afterward, I have to do my Family Altar..
Initially I didn't want to leave that TV programme, but then I decided to leave it..
Few days after that, I switched on the TV and tada! there was replay of the show~:)
Maybe it looks like just a coincidence..
But for me, it is not..
There's no such thing called coincidence..

By the way, today I joined the fellowship at my campus..
While we all were singing, suddenly a guy came and joined us..
I thought.. Wow!! Another new member~~ (Thx Dad :))
He is one of Technique Students in my university.. (one year older than me)
I wanna share a little of his life testimony.. (I didn't hear all coz at that moment I just came back from the toilet..)
All I heard was, he used to be a drugs user and at the first semester his GPA was 1,...
Now, he already free from that "bad habit" and he is searching for students fellowship around him..
He said that he has joined fellowship at Universitas Indonesia before and the other else students fellowship..
But the only problem is long distance..
He was so grateful to know that there is fellowship at his own university..
(I know You have a billion ways to grow our fellowship.. Not only the quantity but also the quality.. I LOVE YOU DADDY!! ^O^)
He got one of my fellowship partner's contact from Pak Yopie..
(Pak Yopie is a university students fellowship's activist.. He has built students fellowship in Universitas Indonesia, Institut Teknologi Bandung, etc.. He also has came to my campus to see our fellowship..)
What about his GPA?!
He were struggling to improve his GPA and he made a progress 'til now.. :)) 

The most surprising fact is....
He was my senior in high school... Uwow!!!
He said that he was famous enough around my high school teachers..
He also said that Pak Ruspin (my sport teacher) and Pak Ramli (my mathematic teacher whom I like so much!! Every student said that Pak Ramli looks like Ucok Baba in taller version.. XP) know him very well..
But honestly, I never seen him before...@.@a 

At the fellowship today, I also watched a true story movie titled The Blind Side.. (4 thumbs up!! Absolutely recommended!!)
Sandra Bullock plays so all out.. (Yeah she always do.. She is officially my favorite actress now.. :)) You can read this or this and this..)
She won Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Drama for her act in this movie (Wikipedia).
And again, Kathy Bates gets a role in it.. :)

The story is taken from a book by Michael Lewis, The Blind Side: Evolution of A Game..

A true story of 17 years old black boy with IQ below average named Michael Oher (usually called Big Mike) who is taken home by a very kind woman, Leigh Anne Tuohy. (I definitely admire the real Mrs. Tuohy so much!!) Before that, Michael already entered a Christian school. He got accepted there because of his previous foster parent. He learns at normal school with the other normal teenagers. I like his writing which he makes on his first day at school:
I look and I see white everywhere..
White walls, white floors, and a lot of white people..
The teachers do not know I have no idea of anything they're talking about..
I do not wanna listen to anyone, especially the teachers..
They're giving homework expecting me to do the problems on my own..
I have never done homework in my life..
I go to the bathroom, look in the mirror, and say "This is not Michael Oher"..
See, he has simple mind and thought. Leigh ownself lives with her husband (Sean Tuohy) and two kids. The younger one is Sean Junior (SJ) and her daughter, Collins, is the oldest. They all come from a rich and warm-hearted family. SJ is such an energetic and fun kid (he is the second character I like after Mrs. Tuohy). He quickly be friends with Michael. He teach Michael about things in his funny ways. I tell you, this movie is full of laughter too. X) Michael Oher with IQ of 80 got 30 percentile in special relationship, 5 percentile in ability to learn, and 98 percentile in protective instinct. It makes me more convinced that God does give everyone their own special talent to be a blessing for others. So Big Mike is recruited by Sean (Leigh's husband) to join his school's football team as the offense. His big figure (that means big strength) and added with 98% of protective instinct, he becomes a natural athlete. Electronic media becomes God's way to promote Michael Oher to all famous football team in his country. Other thing that amaze me is although he has 5% ability to learn, Big Mike could graduate with 2,52 (The standard GPA to pass on is 2,5.. Imagine what could happen if he miss the target.. He won't be a famous football player now.. Wow~~). Thanks to Ms. Sue, Michael's private teacher.

                             From left to right, up to down: Collins Tuohy (Lily Collins),                                  Big Mike and Miss Sue (Kathy Bates)
                                              Collins Tuohy (Lily Collins), Sean Tuohy (Tim McGraw),
                                               SJ (Jae Head), and Leigh Anne Tuohy (Sandra Bullock)

The real person (from left to right): Sean Junior, Sean Tuohy, Leigh Anne Tuohy, Michael Oher, and Collins Tuohy

Michael Oher now plays for Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League (Wikipedia).

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