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Friday, November 20, 2009

RCTI Box Office

Last two nights,, I watched two nice and warm-hearted Box Office movies aired on RCTI (one of the favorite private TV station in Jakarta ;D) at midnight..
It's started around 12:30 AM..
Yesterday, I watched Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events..

I love the story of three orphanage children (Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire) who always watch over,, protect,, and love each other.. :)
Especially the funny little Sunny!!^^
I just know that Sunny is played by two twin cute girls named Kara & Shelby Hoffman.. Wow!!

Another thing I like in this movie is......
Jim Carrey, of course!!
What more can I say??!
He's the best!!! ^.~ 
Such a cool Count Olaf different characters~~

Now,, I'm watching The Waterboy...
This 1998 movie's main character played by Adam Sandler..
I also love this actor~~  ♥
I will share you a little synopsis about this old movie based on my version.. ;)

It tells a story about a socially inept yet intelligent man named Booby Boucher. He works as a water boy in a football team. For you who doesn't know this job, he serve drinks for all football players in a football team. He has an over-protective mother. Because of an accidental event, every one start to realize his hidden talent to become a really good football player. Booby is such a good mommy's boy. He loves her mother so much. But as he start meeting girls and "the real outside world", he explore many new things and learn so much from it. Her mother also begin to see Booby's great potential. I can read the ending already. Booby Boucher win a big football tournament in his city! ;P

Her mother played by Kathy Bates..

I remember this woman..
Her face is familiar with me.. ;P
All I remember is she played as friend of Rose's mom in Titanic and as the main character in Misery..

I think this movie is similar to Forrest Gump (I watch this movie on RCTI Box Office, either.. Haha XD)

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