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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Be Honest, No Matter What

I like this picture! :D (taken from here)

Sometimes we feel too scared to face the truth..
As many bad things that would happen next suddenly come into our mind,,
then we choose to compose our own "truth" version and say a lie...
I don't want to be a hypocrite..
I myself have lied to others..

Why do I write this topic??
It because some events that just happened...
It's the two new nurse that I've been telling you in some of my previous posts..

First is Granny's newest nurse.. (read this)
Two days ago,, my parents asked for her identity card (KTP)..
She said that her KTP is held by her foundation's owner..
That is unreasonable..
What for does the foundation's owner hold her KTP??
So my mom informed my oldest aunt and my aunt called the foundation's owner,, Ms. Poppy...
Ms. Poppy seemed startled when she heard that..
She explained that this nurse's wallet was stolen and her KTP also lost..

Today my oldest aunt came to my house with my other aunt and uncle..
They went back home a few minutes ago..
My aunt and my mom already asked the nurse why she lied to us...
She answered "I was scared madam would send me back if I'm telling the truth.. I thought if madam knows that I don't have any identity card,, madam won't hire me again.."
I have gotten shocked when I heard that artless person (in my opinion) could tell a lie about this simple thing..
I just didn't get the point why she must lie to us..
So that's the reason..
She's being so narrow minded~~

The other event that happened this morning is the other nurse whom left her bag in my house.. (read this)
She came to my house again to take back her bag..
Looks like my aunt really meant what she said (that the nurse must come by herself to take her bag)..
She scolded the nurse..
The point that my aunt tried to tell her was "Honesty is all needed.. Other people won't hire you if they knew you have done thing like this.."

Yesterday,, I also joined my church's Sunday School teaching preparation..
The speaker is Pdt. Dede Soerja Moeljana..
I was so inspired by her life testimony..
One thing she told us was about HONESTY..
She told us about her struggle to be honest to every body in every moments and places...

She told how Daddy JC always shows His miraculous work every time she does it..
I was amazed~~

Who told us that being honest is easy?!
It is NOT,, in fact..
Why not??

Because the world (our world) is not in the "straight path" anymore...
If we do the "straight path",, we will "collide" continuously..
But if we don't want to take the risk,, we will never feel His helping hands in our life.. 
And I really don't want to lose that precious thing~~
How about you??

Be honest, no matter what and you'll be pleasantly surprised at what happens next.
You will be fully grateful by doing it.. :) 

~Be blessed and be a blessing~

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