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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Granny, Please Be Kind to Her

I'm grateful for the replacement nurse for my Granny.. :)
She is from Cirebon,, just like the previous nurse..
But this time,, she has took care of old person twice before she works at my house..
She has a 12 years old daughter in her homeland,, either..

I like her..
She looks nice and patient..
My mom told me that she has low blood pressure so she could get dizzy sometimes..
My mom already planned to take her to the doctor whenever she feels dizzy..

Last night,, my house electricity was turned off by PLN (the electricity's company in my country) at 9.30 PM..
I was reading my book when the lights off...
I thought,, maybe He told me not to sleep late that night..
So I decided to have a sleep..

Around 12 AM,, I'm awakened by somebody's voice...
I quickly realized that it's the new nurse's voice..
She was talking on her mobile phone with her husband..
Then I heard her talk until the end silently.. :P
She told her husband about my house condition,,
that she works at my house to take care of Granny,,
that me and my brother has been act nice to her,,
and the most important thing is she likes staying at my home..
I think that's a good start~~

From her conversation,,
I knew that she used to work at a 3 floor's house..
She likes my house coz she thought my house is small @.@..
Yeah,, she compares it with that 3 floor's house~~
Other reason why she likes my house is it's located near Pulogadung train station..
She also likes doing the house works (cooking,, washing,, etc..)
Today she makes ketimus for my family.. :D

One thing that made me want to laugh is she told her husband
that I was kind enough to her for switching off the air conditioner,, which was actually not.. :P
It was just because the electricity turned off after she got sleep.. XD
She said that I asked her whether she felt cold or not..
Yes,, I did..
And she answered "I don't feel cold.."
Before that,, I've asked her too whether she can sleep with the air conditioner on or not..
She replied to me "Yes, I can.."
So I thought she was telling the truth (that she didn't feel cold)..

At 4 AM,, the electricity was still off.. -,-"
I have slept soundly~~
Suddenly I heard things fell down...
Guess what was it?!
It was my Granny who was trying to find a way to the bathroom in dark..
The nurse was awakened too...
She directly took Granny to the bathroom while I kept my mobile phone's light stay on to light the way.. (I couldn't find the candles~ >.<)
At the bathroom,, Granny's watch accidentally got splashed by the toilet water-spray which held by the nurse..
Seemed like she's mad at her..
Afterward,, the nurse took a hand wash near Granny and Granny got a little splash again..
And when Granny came out,, she called her "Stupid~"
Not directly to her,, she only wanted to inform me... -,-" 
I knew exactly that it was just a little accident...
The nurse really has good intention to help you,, Gran...

Sometimes Granny doesn't want to be taken care of by the nurse...
She prefers to do everything by herself..
Granny often shows unfriendly face to her..
Honestly,, I felt pity for this nurse...
But I guess she could tolerate the situation..
Granny is already 91 years old and she has never been taken care of by anyone else,, except her own family member...
Another reason is when Granny was young,, she was a decisive leader..
She could easily get mad if someone made a little mistake..
So today I told Granny "She doesn't know anything yet.. And if you need something,, just tell her what she must do.. She is paid to take care of you.. (means: You must appreciate her..)"
I hope Granny will get used to her soon.. :)
I always pray for it~~

Thanks for this helper You sent to us.. :)
I believe by this way,, Granny has a chance to learn more to appreciate and respect people whoever they are~~

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