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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Don't Judge A Book by Its Cover: The Proof

Yesterday my oldest aunt from my mother's family picked up a nurse from a foundation to take care of my Granny.. 
She,, my other aunt,, Granny,, and the new nurse came to my house at evening..
So I am introduced to the nurse who came from Cirebon...
My aunt told me that she is about the same age with me..
Two years younger in fact~

My two aunts told her all things she must do every day..
She is going to sleep in my room (on the floor with a folding bed) to watch over Granny in case
Granny wants to go to the bathroom at night..
Do you know the reason why my aunt choose her??
It because her smiling face..
She even don't have any working experience yet..
This is the first time she works in Jakarta...
Yeah I know,, first impression is important..
I was so expecting she is capable and patient enough to take care of Granny..
You know,, old people don't have good memory any longer..
Including my Granny..
Most of times,, Granny repeats the same question over and over again...
But I don't want to underestimate her..
Age does not determine the way of think or act,, right?!

From her conversation with my aunt,, I can say she is the shy type..
Guess that's not a big deal...
I considered her as a nice and dependable person,, instead..

After my aunts backed home,, I told her to sit at a short chair in my bedroom to accompany Granny..
A short time later,, she asked the nearest warung around my house then asked for my permission to go there..
I asked her back what's her intention to buy..
The first strange thing is she doesn't seem to wanna answer my question..
In my head: "Come on.. What's to hide?? We are girls.. I do understand what a girls need..
I really don't mind if you wanna buy perfume,, softex,, or else.."
Then finally she answered "I want to buy bathing equipment.."
I remembered the old days when my parents use to buy and provide everything our servant need..
I checked upstairs for the bath soap,, shampoo,, etc..
The only thing I can't find is the brush teeth...
So I told her to buy just a brush teeth for herself and I told her the direction..

It was already 10 minutes since she went away..
I heard the gate open,, but it wasn't her..
It was my dad who just got home... 
It should be just take 5 minutes from my house to there and back.. (Second strange..)
When I told my dad that I has permitted the new nurse to go to warung,,
my dad said "You should not allowed her since she is new to us.."
I started feeling guilty.. (Fool me..)
My dad asked me since when she go..
I answered "Just a few minutes ago.."

After 20 minutes,, my dad decided to search her...
We thought that she lost her way back..
I told my dad that she was dressed in nurse outfit..
I worried about her so I prayed for her safety..
But I still feel weird about it...
I'm pretty sure even a 6 years old kid won't get lost in such that not-so-far distance..

My dad came back..
He said that the warung keeper has seen her but she didn't drop by to buy anything..
That became the third strange..
My dad also has asked the securities for help..
He was still complaining about my permission to her..
Yeah I understand that..
And the guilty feeling kept rising up~~
Moreover,, my aunt also asked me why I allowed her to go and keep calling my house..

At that moment,, I tried to keep my faith that she will be safe for I have prayed to Him..
My mom came home and said the same thing with dad and aunty..
I was tired of that...
I fully realized what I've done... >___<

Waiting and waiting~~
It has successfully made me fall asleep on my bed until my mom switched off the television and told me to turn off my laptop..
So I woke up and got shocked by the BIG NEWS...
Guess it's more shocking than the "Arthalita's Five Stars Hotel" news..
~~The new nurse has backed to her mom's house in Cililitan~~
I heard that she doesn't want to take care of old person...
She prefer to take care babies or children...

If I were her,, I will choose the same too..
But this is just not a good way to refuse the job...
I hope she learned something from it...

The funny thing is,, she left her bag in our house... XD

Mbak Yuni's Black Backpack

My mom told me that her mother called the foundation and the foundation informed my aunt about this crazy thing.. -,-'

My aunt got mad..
She wanted her back to my house today to take away her bag..
I guess she wanted to scold her,, but I think she wouldn't dare to come back...
We'll see today...

So Granny is at my house now..
The next plan is: today my aunt will pick up another nurse for her..
Mom said this one is about 30 years old...
Really hope for the best..!! >.<

I was speechless~~
Looks like she recognize Jakarta's street much more better than me.. -,-"


isabella said...

widih jessss
untung ga kenapa2, kalo ampe nyolong ato gimana berabe tuh, soalnya tetangga gue pernah ngalamin...

Dogloverzz said...

Iya Bel..
Merasa tertipu~~~
Suster yg baru si bagus..
Dia jg bantuin bersihin rmh,, masak,, nyuci...
Lumayan bgt lah..
Gw smpet nguping dia ngomong di telpon ma suaminya..
Haha XD
Kan dia tidurnya dlm kamar gw..
Trus gw kebangun gitu tengah malem gara2 suara dia nelpon..
Tapi dia ga nyadar... :P
Kliatannya si dia betah...
Cuma oma gw'nya nih..
Rada gmn gitu~~
Smoga ni suster sabar d ngurusin oma gw..

deeandra said...

Wuaow.. Sebelumnya susternya nggak tahu, Jes, kalau dia bakal ngurusin Oma mu- bukan anak-anak?

Dogloverzz said...

Tau kok, Di..
Dia uda ditanyain ama tante gw, mau ato ga ngurus orang tua.. -,-"

deeandra said...

Hahaha, berarti emang dasar remaja suka nggak konsisten.. Hope that your grandma soon get a new nanny! A better one of course!