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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2012 Flashback

Hi all..
Here I am.. Back from the real to virtual world again.. :p
I feel bored with my catchy Sponge Bob background, so I change it to quite catchy fruity background.. Hehe..
This time, as always, I'm taking a moment to tell you my brief flashback of 2012..
So, let's start...

I've spent about half year to finish my research and thesis "Extraction and Characterization of Bromelain from Fruit, Core, Peel, and Crown of Palembang Pineapple"..
In some occasions, it turned my life upside down..
But I REALLY AM grateful for my campus fellowship (His Generation community) and my church fellowship (GAB Youth community)  that had always strengthen my faith.. Thanks guys :)

BIOTECHNOLOGY GRADUATES OF 2012. Can you locate me? :)

Dr. Diana E. Waturangi, M.Si (dean of Biotechnology Faculty); Dr. Noryawati Mulyono, S.Si (my thesis advisor); me; my mom;
Prof. Dr. Ir. Maggy T. Suhartono (my thesis co-advisor).
Big thanks to Mrs. Noryawaty and Mrs. Maggy for all the help, advice, and encouragement :)

Tante Hanny (my mom's friend who also watched my graduation); cici Angel (my cousin who also graduated as Master of Psychology); me; my dearest mom :)

Me; Eli (one of my research teammate. Thank you for all the help and support, mate ;));
Anne (thanks to Anne and her mom who done my hair and make-up :)); Audi (my fashionable friend ;))

Me and Ochie (my other research teammate).
Thank you also for the help and support, mate ;)

After graduated at the end of July, I had a chance to fulfill the 6th point of my 2012 resolution with help from one of my docent, but in the middle of the process I canceled it because of financial problem..
Didn't give up just like that, I'm looking for other scholarship opportunity until I found an opportunity that requires two years of working experience in related field..
On one side I want to search for another scholarship that doesn't need any requirements but on the other side I want to feel the world of work..
Driven by many advise from people around me, I'm starting to find a job while some of my friends had already got their job..
I was so determined for it and pray to God that I could find one before Christmas..

While waiting for job interview, I got a chance to involve as Sunday School teacher..
It had been a long time since I actively involved in Sunday School service in my old church..
I am absolutely grateful for this opportunity..
It really burst out my passion for children..

Yes. There's so much excited energy there. Until now. Thanks Dad.
I love all my Sunday School children :))
(the kids photo: Soon!)

On September 27 and 28, I join my church retreat..
I enjoyed this retreat but to be honest, I didn't get something special from it..
However, I knew more about spiritual life and I learn to serve Him not only because of my passion for kids but also because of my love for Him..

Retreat of Gereja Allah Baik 2012
(three small boys that sit at the front with red jacket, white jacket, and white T-shirt are three of my Sunday School kids :))

On the 10th of November, mom and dad celebrated their 25th wedding at our house..
At that time, I shared a testimony until I sobbed.. It was a memorable one..

(Photo: Soon!)

At the beginning of December I got a job with position that I want..
But unfortunately, it didn't last long..
Sorry, I couldn't tell more about it here because of some reasons..
I did learn so much from it, especially about my personal relationship with Him..
From that short experience, I just felt that He had already been sooo good to me even though I (again) didn't prioritizing Him throughout those periods of time..
I felt guilty but, I didn't want to drag myself through each day in guilty like what I've did before..
I've confessed it in my prayer and that's it..
I only believe that He already forgives me, doesn't remember even a bit about it, and I continue to have faith that He has already provided me a better one.. Yes!

On 25th of December, I celebrated Christmas with my mom and dad's family.. :)
It's always nice to gather with whole family, having a fellowship, knowing the latest news about each others, and every family got some Christmas presents..

My mom; dearest brother (Jan); me; my dad

On December 28, me and my family visit Granny's grave..
It was the first time for me after she passed away..
Well, I rarely miss her.. But my brain always recall her every time I hear, sing, or see the lyrics of some nursery rhymes like "Humpty Dumpty", "Baa Baa Black Sheep", "Hickory Dickory Dock", "Are You Sleeping?" or some folklore like "Thumbelina" or "Goldilocks and The Three Bears"..

@ Grandpa's & Granny's grave 

Some of my 2012 resolution (1st, 2nd, 3rd point) are half done but the other's not yet..
Looking at those resolution (and suddenly it reminds me of one of my cousin's talking), I'm starting to think that some people would look at me as an idealist person..
But for me, it's just me being optimistic..
I wouldn't feel so disappoint if I couldn't fulfill all my targets because, in my opinion, if I couldn't fulfill it then there's gonna be something new that I could learn from..
And for this year, I will keep up with those resolutions..

This Casting Crown's song steady my heart..
I hope it steady yours, too.. :)

Love and pray,


Lillie Bennett said...

You really had a lot of things happened in your 2012 life. And I bet getting the thesis paper done certainly was one of the things you’re glad that is over now. Well, writing the thesis, especially graduate thesis is not a thing that you cannot just take. All academic degree should have thesis paper to make certain that the student learn something.

Dogloverzz said...

Hi Lilie. Sorry for the late reply. I really appreciate your comment. Yeah, I feel so great every time I re-read this post. It's so great to have Bachelor of Science title. God bless :)