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Friday, October 21, 2011

Spouse Criteria

I have made this before actually..
But I only mentioned this in my prayer..
When I saw my senior high school's post about this, I kind of re-thought again, "why don't I wrote it down?"
There's not much criteria in my list though.. Here they are:

1) A "newborn" man
It's not newborn in literally..
A Godly man must have understood this..
It really is the basic..

2) Love Daddy JC more than anything
When I wrote "more than anything" it means "more than his family and more than me also"..
Extreme? No..
A man like this, I won't ever worry about his loyalty, his maturity, his manner, or everything..
Why is this included in my criteria?
Because "true love" can only be felt with Daddy JC..
If someone has felt the "true love", he/she can apply it to others, including his/her family and also his/her life partner..

How could I know he is a newborn man and love Daddy JC more than anything?
I myself have to build deep relationship with Daddy JC because I know He already prepared me the one..
I only have to wait and prepare myself..
So that when the time come, I could see who the one is..

A woman's heart should be so hidden in God that a man has to seek Him just to find her. ~ Anonymous

3) A worshipper
I think every creature is made to worship..
It's not that he must has a good voice or can play music instrument..
He only must love to worship Him in every single thing he does..

4) Support my passion

It would be so nice if he love kids like I do..
But I don't ask for that..
I only want him to support my passion..
Because Daddy JC has gave me this passion and I really am willing to sacrifice a lot for this passion..

One important thing:
I have been taught that if I have some criterias for my life partner, I must have already had those criterias in me..
Because a couple should have the same spiritual life level..
Because when we get married, there is no more "my life" or "your life"..
There's only "our life"..
Since they are no longer two but one,” ~ Matthew 19:6a (New Living Translation)
Isn't this verse always be said in a Christian wedding?
And "our life" must be managed to be closer and closer to Daddy JC..

I want to share these two good blogs to be read by singles out there:

Be blessed~ :)


Anonymous said...

Hai, Jessie..
I want to follow your blog. But, I don't know how.
I'm using Wordpress.. Can I?
Thank you,JC..
Happy Sunday :)

Dogloverzz said...

Hi Laura... :)
Pake Indo aja gpp kok Lau..
Ini gw tulis pake Inggris skalian practicing my English writing.. hehehe
Setauku bisa kok di'follow..
Di bagian "The Bloggers" di kolom paling kanan itu, klik "join this site" aja..
Nanti follow pake account wordpress jg bisa kayanya.. kalo ga bisa, bisa pake google, twitter, yahoo, atau mau pake open ID juga bole :)