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Friday, February 12, 2010

RCTI Box Office (Part Two)

Late midnight movies on TV are so seducing...
Last week, I watched a Mexican movie titled Innocent Voices..

According to my opinion, it's a very good movie..
I already told you that I like stories of small family with a country's history as the background..
The main character is a twelve years old cute boy..
O yes, he is.. Haha.. XD
The place is set during the Salvadoran Civil War in 1980 and the story is based on the writer, Óscar Torres,'s childhood (Wikipedia)..
Below is my small review of it..

Chava, his mother: Kella, his younger sister: Rosita, and younger brother: Ricardito  (he's cute also! :)) lives in a war area between Salvadoran army and the guerrillas. As the oldest man in the family, Chava has to replace his father role to help his mother maintaining their family's economic life by become assistant to a bus driver and to take care of his two siblings. Although he's just eleven years old and still goes to school every day, he can do all of it very well. At unpredictable time, missile attack  from two sides can pass through their house. And when it happens, they all have to lay down on the floor to avoid the missile. Every year, there's a military recruitment for the chosen twelve years old boy around the area. Chava's uncle, Beto, who has joined the guerrillas tries to save Chava by informing him the next recruitment day. Thus, Chava and his best friends spread the important news to every house so that every twelve years old boys in town can hide on the big day.(You must see where all the boys hiding!). At school, Chava falls in love with his classmate named Christina Maria. One day, the guerrillas attack the army from the school. Wondering what happen next?? You know what to do. :P

From left to right: Ricardito (Alejandro Felipe Flores) and Rosita (Ana Paulina Caceres), Luis Mandoki (the director) and Carlos Padilla as Chava, Chava with Christina Maria (Xuna Primus)

Next movie which I saw on Tuesday is Ghost..
It's an old romance movie from 1990..
Okay, I'm so out of date..
I just knew that she has been married to Ashton Kutcher for 5 years..
Is she even already divorced now?? -,-"
Sorry to say..
We all know celebrity's life...

This is it..

Sam Wheat and Molly Jensen are in love unmarried couple who just move in to a new apartment. Sam has a best friend named Carl Bruner. They both works at the same place (a local bank). Sam who has higher position finds there is too much money in several bank accounts and he tells Carl. One day, Sam and Molly go to the theater together. In their way back home, a thief named Willy Lopez intercept Sam and forces him to give his wallet. Sam tries to fight but unfortunately he gets shot. He soon discovers that he is already dead after he sees Molly cradling his own corpse. Then a light from the sky comes to pick up Sam's spirit, but he doesn't approach it until the light's gone. As a ghost, Sam can't communicate with human. After he knows that Willy Lopez still chasing Molly's apartment, he asks a fake psychic, Oda Mae Brown, to help him warning Molly. Oda Mae can't see Sam's appearance but she only can hear his voice. Later, because of Sam, Oda Mae realizes that she truly can communicate with ghost. With all proofs that Sam tells to her, Oda Mae hardly convinces Molly about Sam's ghost. Moreover, Molly discovers that Oda Mae is bound to a large criminal file of fraud. Meanwhile, Sam meet a poltergeist who lives in subway and learns how to touch and move things around. With that ability, Sam scares Willy and Carl to death. One interesting thing in this movie is the difference after-death event between the good and bad guy. Another thing I like is the last scene. The light comes again to pick up Sam, makes Molly and Oda Mae can see Sam's appearance for the last time. Then Molly gives a goodbye kiss to Sam before he goes to heaven. It reminds me to a statement in one of my friends Facebook's note:
"Trying to hold on to loved ones, they very quickly push them away; and by letting go of those they love, they will be side by side forever."
Ow, it's so sweet~~ X)

From left to right: Carl Bruner (Tony Goldwyn); Sam Wheat (Patrick Swayze), Molly Jensen (Demi Moore), Oda Mae Brown (Whoopi Goldberg); Molly and Sam goodbye kiss

I like Demi Moore's hair-cut in this movie (yup, that hair-style called demi moore)..
When I was still at the kindergarten, that's my hair-style.. Haha..
My mom told me about it..
But my hair is kinda wavy, so it looked different from her.. :P
I also just read one of my campus senior's blog about fashion..
Fall in love with Mia Wasikowska blonde short hair~~
Check her photos at Miss Dorothy's blog..

Should we move on??
The third movie is another old movie titled...

Pretty woman, walking down the street.. 
Pretty woman, the kind I like to meet..
Pretty woman..

Yup!! Every time I hear those two words, this Roy Orbison's song always plays in my mind..
Honestly, I have watched it before..
But it was a very long time...
This is the first movie of Julia Roberts I saw which makes her become one of my female favorite artist beside Anne Hathaway, Halle Barry, Jennifer Lopez.. :)

A rich and ruthless businessman from New York named Edward Lewis is in his business trip at Los Angeles. Confused with LA's road, he asks a sidewalk prostitute in Hollywood boulevard, Vivian Ward, to show the way to Beverly Wilshire Hotel. After a little conversation, she enters Edward's car and help him with the right direction. They talk much about cars on their way to the hotel. That makes Edward attracted to her. After they arrive, he asks her to stay with him for that night. She says that she will accept his offer as long as he can pay her well and Edward approves it. So, Vivian stays not just for a night but for a week. She accompany Edward doing his business since it doesn't do for a man of his age to be alone at society parties and polo matches. And here comes the make-over (always like this kind of scene~~). Vivian transfigure into an elegant and educated woman. Next plot, I bet you guys can guess it. Fall in love and conflict happens. This movie is closed with a walking man shouting: "This is Hollywood! What's your dream? Everybody comes here. This is Hollywood. The land of dreams. Some dreams come true, some don't. But keep on dreaming! This is Hollywood. Always time to dream. So keep on dreaming." (Like this statement!!!)

From left to right: Vivian Ward as a prostitute, Edward Lewis (Richard Gere), Vivian Ward as an elegant woman

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