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Saturday, February 6, 2010

"Prodia" Scientific Tour

Have you ever heard about Prodia??
Or maybe you are familiar with this picture..

Well, it is a laboratory clinic in Indonesia where you can get your health check-up..
Maybe some of you have came to this place to accompany your relatives or else..
I remember the first time I came to Prodia is when I must take my teeth x-ray photograph before I do the third molar tooth removal surgery.. (Fyi, it was my first surgery I ever done in my life..)

Yesterday, I and some other Biotechnology students visited Prodia's main building at Jalan Kramat Raya, Jakarta..

Picture taken from Prodia's official website

At 6.30 AM we ought to have gathered at our beloved campus..
I arrived there at 6.45 AM.. :P
Before I got down from my car, I saw three of my friends walking in the street, holding the blue Biotechnology coat..
In my mind, "Oh no..!! Do I bring the wrong coat??"
My mom asked me "Why they are holding the blue one while you bring the orange one?"
(orange coat is my university coat and blue coat is my faculty coat)
I tried to be calm..
But when I entered my campus and saw many people holding blue jacket, panic mode ON..
I sat and talked for some minutes with my friends while thinking of a way to get the right jacket..
Then I remembered the Student Council room..
I went to the room and found some new Biotechnology coats in a Badan Perwakilan Mahasiswa (BPM)'s locker..
(BPM is another students organization in my university which has higher position than the Student Council)
There was two BPM's member in the room..
So I asked one of them for permission to borrow it..
I have already begged on him but he still consistent with his statement that I can't borrow it unless I buy it..
Felt a bit displeased but I did appreciate his consistency..
After all, I was relieved knowing there were also another students who didn't bring the coat.. :))

Approximately at 7.10 AM we leaved our campus, went straight to Prodia~~
After we got there, we all were delivered to 10th floor, to the auditorium..
Thus, one of Prodia's marketing team, Kak Asri, started with ice-breaking..
Every time she said "Hellooowww~~", we have to replied with "Be healthy!! Be smart!!"
We spontaneously laughed at our friend, Audi, as we heard the word that she said..
Audi was asked to come forward and taught Kak Asri saying "Helloooww" with his typical sound.. X)
We were so entertained by it.. (Thanks to Audi.. :))
After a little warming up with "Chabuchacha" game, we listened to a presentation from Rini Budiyati, MKes about Panel Check-up Premarital (I think it's a really good info for teens of our age) and another presentation from Mr. X (forgot his name.. -,-a) about Molecular Biology..
From his persuasive presentation, I can feel that he was so enthusiastic to promote jobs in Molecular Biology.. Haha..
I admitted that his presentation was good..
It was an interesting short presentation and it got me too..

A few information I wrote about some skills we must have if we wanna enter Molecular Biology world:
  • Nucleic acid extraction
  • Nucleic acid quantification
  • Detection: mutation, gene variation, metilation, deletion
  • Basic knowledge: enzyme restriction, amplification, avoid contamination

Next, time for the "real" tour~~
(PS. All the pictures below are not the real room in Prodia.. It's just for the illustration..)
We were divided into several groups of 8 people then took a walk and look inside the building..
First destination, my group went to see the reception room where individual guests and collective guests (usually the employees health check-up from a co-operative company) are separated and taken to the different place..
The individual guesses (normal customers) are served at the same floor (1st floor)..
There are rooms for blood taking, also free tea & coffee specially provided for waiting customers..
After that, we visited the second floor where we saw the air pumping channel that send the blood sample tube to the destination room (cool, huh?!),

the pap smear room,

and... (don't remember the rest) :P
At the third floor, if I'm not mistaken, we saw

the sound-proof audio room for our auditory threshold checking,

the spirometry room,

the x-ray room,

the electrocardiogram (ECG)/ treadmill room, etc..

We also saw cozy small library with many collection of science books and international science journals that usually read by Prodia's employees, doctor, scientist, or medical students around Indonesia whenever they need references for their research..
As a Laboratory Reference Center in national scale, Prodia has complete enough analysis room including Aerob Room, Anaerob Room, Fungus Room, RNA Packaging Room, and some other else..

The tour was over..
We went back to the auditorium, did a short evaluation, took photos with Prodia's team, and had lunch together..

Oh, we got small souvenir (a paper bag, notebook, and a pen) from there too...

@ Anas: And that's all the story goes~~ X)

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