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Friday, February 26, 2010

Anime (Love!)


Oo, look at those two harmonious sisters. The older one named Satsuki and her little sister named Mei. What movie?


They both are from the Kusakabe family. Satsuki, Mei, and their father, Tatsuo Kusakabe, just moved into an old house in rural Japan so that they can be closer with a hospital where their sick mother is taken care. On the first day they arrive at the house, they are helped by a nice grandmother of Kanta, a boy who then become one of Satsuki's classmate. They called her "Granny". While these two girls is exploring their new house, they finds tiny-round-black creatures called Susuwatari that inhabit their house.

But as they get comfortable leaving in the house, all Susuwatari leave them. Not just Susuwatari, there are also another unique creatures they meet. Mei meet them first. At that time, Satsuki is still studying in school and her father is busy with his thing, and Mei is playing around the backyard. Suddenly, she sees a rabbit-like ear moving through the grass. When it comes out from grass, she sees a cute-chubby-small-white creatures walking.

She follows it and find there's two of it, the other one is more bigger with purple color. Mei gets curious to those creatures, so she chases them to a briar patch and end in the hollow of very large Cinnamomum camphora tree. In that place, she encounters the biggest size of the creature's race. Mei call it Totoro*.

I wanna sleep on the big Totoro like Mei did!! >_<

*In the original Japanese dub, it stems from Mei's mispronunciation of the Japanese pronunciation of the word "troll". (Wikipedia)

Meanwhile, Satsuki and Tatsuo is searching for missing Mei. They finds Mei's hat near the briar. Then they follows the briar patch and sees Mei is lying on the ground. When Mei wakes up, Mei tells them that they met Totoro. She tries to run over the patch but she doesn't get to Totoro's place. She indeed find herself come out of the briar. Later, her father tells her that it is the "keeper of the forest". One rainy day, when these two sisters are waiting for their father at a bus stop, they meets the biggest Totoro. It is the first time for Satsuki. Looking at Totoro, Satsuki gives him an umbrella to cover his body from the rain. Totoro likes the sound of falling rain touching the umbrella and he plays at it.

As the return, he gives Satsuki and Mei a small sack full of acorn seeds.

Then he call his personal transportation, a bus-like big furry cat, and then go away by that thing.

Satsuki and Mei plant the seeds at their backyard and on a night, Totoro and the other smaller Totoro (Chiby and Chu Totoro) come to their house doing a ceremonial dance that makes the seeds grow into a big tree. The girls join them too. Afterwards, Satsuki and Mei brought to fly with Totoro. (Take me! Take me! X))

The next morning, they find the seed already sprouted. They feels so happy to see that. After that event, Satsuki receive a call from hospital that her mother's condition is not good. She has to be taken care at the hospital a little longer. Satsuki has received the same kind of call before and her mother's condition is getting worse. So this time, she really is worry. She thinks of bad thing that going to happen to her mother. This situation makes Satsuki easily get mad, evenmore when her little sister say that everything's gonna be okay. Little Mei runs on her foot, bringing an ear of corn, after Satsuki yells at her. Realize that it is because her fault, Satsuki searching for Mei around the town while her dad is watching over her mother at hospital. And I don't want to tell the ending for you who haven't watch it. :))

My Neighbor Totoro is 1988 Japanese anime film directed by Hayao Miyazaki and produced by Studio Ghibli, Inc. This film was originally released in the U.S. on VHS and Laserdisc with the title, My Friend Totoro. (Wikipedia) In English version, Satsuki and Mei is dubbed by these two famous-young-talented actress:

 Dakota Faning as Satsuki Kusakabe and Elle Faning as Mei Kusakabe (Interesting, isn't it? They two are also sisters.. I like both Satsuki's and Mei's voice.. :))
- Pictures taken from Vogue website -

If you already watched this film, you definitely should see this too!!

It's the Kusakabe's replica house!!
Way awesome~~ @.@
Click this link for the room's detail..

P.S. I like its original soundtrack too! :))

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