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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sweet Memories Prepare Me to Welcome The New One


Many things I want to post~~~ >.<
It probably will be the longest one.. :P
I've read my friends post about the flashback of 2009 and the resolution for 2010..
I love all of them~~ :)
Each of us had our own valuable things to learn..
Now it's time for me to write my own.. ^^

Last year I've been through many things..
These are some of them that I remember..

I joined my Faculty Student Council as a secretary..
I learned to think more critically and to make a sudden decision wisely..

My family altar re-started again..
Thx God.. :)

Success builds character, failure reveals it. - Anonym 

I failed my Biochemistry class..
Guess this one has made quite enough effect..
But "blue days" has passed long time ago and I'm grateful for it!!
Call me crazy,, but I really am grateful..
I truly believe that He permits this happen in my life for a reason..
I don't know what it is so I must find out..
For my friend,, Elisabeth R.,, I do feel what you felt..

The NZ Girl at The Left :P 

Hanged out and watched Transformer: Revenge of The Fallen 
with my far away old friend.. She is studying in New Zealand
and I'm still waiting for NZ chocolate from her.. :P

HE added 5 more members to my campus fellowship.. :)

  All Participants and Committees of SPARTAN Retreat 

I joined my faculty retreat committee..
What an experience.. Just click this post.. ^.~

I did a small farewell party with my previous Sunday School class..
I was placed in the kindergarten class again til now.. Happy.. ^^

Went holiday with my big family at Lembah Bukit Raya..
Thx God for this all-time precious moment.. :)

Visited my friend's orphanage for the second time..
I like Steven more and more.. He's such a cool and kind kid.. >.<

Granny with All of Her Grandchildren ^^

Not to forget,, my family Christmas celebration..
This time I and one of my cousins presented a song titled
Seorang Anak T'lah Lahir and lead the intercession.. :)

To regret the past is to forfeit the future. - Chinese Proverb

I also wanna share my New Year's Eve celebration two days ago..
I, my parents, Granny, and one of my uncle's family went to Gereja Allah Baik,, a small church in Mangga Dua..
Too bad my brother can't joined us..
He prefer to celebrate New Year's Eve with his friends.. (Yeah,, I really understand that..)
It is actually not our church that we usually go to,, but sometimes we go there..
We knew this church from my mom's relative..
The service is similar to Bethany or Bethel Church,, full of energy and Holy language..
I myself can't do the language yet,, but I found my heart feel so peaceful in the church service..
At 12 o' clock where we can heard the sound of fireworks,, every family who was there came forward to be prayed alternately..
After the pray,, each of family members must take a bible verse in a small paper that has been rolled and put into a small straw..
And the verse of mine is from 1 Corinthians 10: 31....

"So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God."

My tears almost came out when I read it..
It reminded me of the verse which I received before my faculty retreat.. (Read the linked post above!)
The point is the same: Do every single thing for Him!! 
I hope this can be my motivation in doing anything challenging in 2010.. :)

My 2010 resolution..
Here we go.. 
  • Finish reading the whole bible.. Actually this is OUR resolution (me and my parents)..
  • Never start a day without the Daily Bread..
  • Get sleep in minimal 5 hours a day..
  • Produce "my own money" by tutoring or taking a part-time job..
  • Be a good role model (especially for my brother)..

Picture taken from here

And it's not too late to say....

Wishing you all a wonderful and prosperous year ahead!! ^O^

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