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Saturday, November 7, 2009

October 30 - November 1, 2009

Hi hi hi hi!!!! >O<

Yeah I know,, it's been long enough I leave this blog.. 

Busy busy busy...
I was preparing the big event, my faculty retreat, which already held on October 30 until November 1 ^^ and also concentrating with my campus assignment (as always)..
Miss me already?? XP

Now I really am confused where I should start from...

I guess I'll start with a bible verse which I got before I went to the retreat..
I saw it twice in my two friends' facebook status.. ;P
First, in my Sunday School partner's status and second, in my senior high school friend's status..
Curious with the verse??
It's from Colossians 3: 23 
"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men."
I felt like He was talking to me and I was truly inspired with it..

The case is:
I was asked to present morning daily bread at the retreat. From the dept of my heart, I really want to accept that offer. I simply want to be a blessing to everyone, especially to all the retreat participants. I just want to be used for His work. The main obstacle of mine is I was too afraid of what other people will think of me if I made mistake when I present the daily bread. >.< Yup! That's so so disturbing. Then I reminded by the verse.. Do it not for men but for Him! and I shall not be ashamed or afraid of such things like that. The result? I still got nervous. But at least I know I already took the right step!^^

I also want to share a few things about the retreat itself.. 
Overall, I think it was going well enough... C=
I believe that everyone, the participants and even the committees, got their own specific thing to learn about..
Through that event, especially because one of the session, me and some of my special friends could know and be warned about a surprising fact...
Yeah,, it really is become our concern now...
Another special thing about retreat is I'm getting more familiar with my campus junior and senior coz basically I love meeting new people so I can learn many things from them..
I also hope they can learn something from me too^^
It's just like mutualism symbiosis.. Hahaha XD

Beside all of those,, as a retreat's fund committee,, I learned so much from it..
That's the reason why I like to participate in an organization...
(You guys must get used to the word "learn" coz it will appear many times in this post XP)
Through this committee,,
I learned to manage my time and financial thing.. XD
I learned to be more patient..
I learned to express my opinion on something...
I learned to overcome my stupid fear...
I learned to appreciate others' shortcoming and capability..
And I was really enriched with other people perspective of mind.. ^.~
Many more I have learned about and one thing for sure,, I will always continue learning....
Note this sentence: As long as we live in this world, we'll never stop learning.. Right?! 

~Be blessed and be a blessing, guys~  ^^ 

JIA YOU!! o(^o^)9

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