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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Currently Daily Do

Hmm.. Let's see!!

List of my "Currently Daily Do" 
  • Facebook-ing (as usual)
  • Blogging 'til midnight
  • Exploring "the world's" blogs
  • Downloading Mariah Carey's old yet nice songs via 4Shared
  • Reading my just bought clearance sale's book -> Beautiful Stranger
  • Sharing His Words and my every day story in my family altar (Love, love, love!!^^)
  • Doing three campus assignments -> MPPI (read the "Constantly,..." post!),, immunology,, and microbiology laboratory
  • Last but not least,, taking care of my Student Council property ;P
I'm so enjoying them all.. C=
Everybody say that my next semester is gonna be an extremely busy one...
Yeah,, looks like it is...
It's caused by four laboratory inside it...
My life will be about report, report, report, and another report~~

What about my preparation??
I just need to fix my broken watch (Important one!!!) and buy a new mobile phone's headset and minimum of 500 Mb memory card (Music therapy will highly required~)
Wish me luck!! ;)

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