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Friday, October 23, 2009

She's Coming ^O^

 (pictures taken from MSN News)

I bet you guys can guess who she is.. ;)

She is mentioned in my very first post,, listed as one of my favorite actors...

I got this info from MSN News.. (some of you maybe already know it..)
She comes to Indonesia for her movie shoot "Eat, Pray, Love"..
The shooting process takes place in Bali island... =)
It started from October 15 and according to the plan it will finish in November 11...
Can I go to Bali during that moment?? >.<

One of the antagonist character in that movie played by Javier Bardem (picture: right, bottom)...
Hmm... Don't know much about this guy actually...
After I search for his filmography on the internet,,
the only movie of him I know is "Collateral"...
I don't watch it either... Haha XD
He played a supporting character named Felix in "Collateral"..

Don't you know??
This "Eat, Pray, Love" movie is based on true story novel of a woman named Elizabeth Gilbert...
Definitely must read the novel!!! >o<
I'm sure it really is a good movie to watch...
Promise! I will make the book and movie review after I read and watch it soon... ^.~  
Go Indonesia tourism!!!
Go "Visit Indonesia 2008"!!!

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