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Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm Just Like You


Here I am!!
Writing my very first post early in the morning.. XP
Pausing "Chasing Liberty" at the last minute of the story..

I'm a 19 years old girl who likes many different things... (I'm sure you guys like it too!!)

♥ M.U.S.I.C
Singing,, listening through my headset,, and also playing my keyboard...
At the moment,, I'm listening to MYMP,, 5566,, and Vierra...
Song genre??
I don't have specific answer for it..
As long as I like it,, downloading happens.. ;P

♥ M.O.V.I.E
You either, right?! ;)
Many interesting and creative movies' plot I have seen..
I watch romantic,, comedy,, horror,, thriller,, anything...
Okay,, maybe I'm not really into the action movie..
Let me mention some of my fave actors :
Johnny Depp,, Jim Carrey,, Adam Sandler,, Halle Berry,, Julia Roberts,, and Anne Hathaway..
They all play their movie character so well..!!

♥ K.I.D.S
Pure,, innocent,, and playful^^
That's why I love them~~
They can be so fun to be with,, also can be annoying at times..
But I know they just simply want to express what they feel...
I do learn so much things from them... =)

♥ D.O.G.G.Y
Oow,, this cute living creature...
I used to have some,, but now I have none..
Well,, maybe now isn't the right time to have my own pet..
Many reasons I've got for this one...
No worries!
I believe the right time will come soon ^.~

♥ C.H.O.C.O.L.A.T.E & M.I.L.K
"Absolutely can't resist it!!"
No further description...
Hihihi ;D

♥ R.A.I.N
Oh sky,, please don't stop crying....
Don't know why,, my heart always feels calm when it comes to rain..
I just love, love, love it!!
Do you guys know the scent we always smell when the rain fall??
G-E-O-S-M-I-N (I knew it from my senior^^)
Some people call it "the smell of earth"...
Hooohh,, it's so peaceful and refreshing~~

♥ S.P.O.N.G.E.B.O.B
Fyi,, I'm not collecting its stuff...
I like this famous children cartoon character coz,,
he's cheerful,, willing to learn new things,, and always positive thinking...
Take a look at one of his song!! ^.~

~ The Best Day Ever by Spongebob Squarepants ~
(OST. Spongebob Squarepants) 

Mr. Sun came out and he smiled at me.
Said it's gonna be a good one just wait and see!
Jumped out of bed and I ran outside feeling so extra exstatified!

It's the Best day ever! (Best day ever)
It's the Best day ever! (Best day ever)

I'm so busy got nothing to do, spent the last two hours just tying my shoe.
Every flower every grain of sand, is reaching out to shake my hand.

It's the Best day ever! (Best day ever)
It's the Best day ever! (Best day ever)

Sometimes the little things start closing in on me,
when I'm feeling down I wanna lose that frown
I stick my head out the window and look around.
Those clouds don't scare me they can't disguise,
this magic that's happening right before my eyes.
Soon Mr. Moon will be shining bright so the best day ever will last all night.
Yes the Best day ever's gonna last all night now.

It's the Best day ever! (Best day ever)
It's the Best day ever (Best day ever)
It's the Best day ever! (Best day ever)
It's the Best day ever (Best day ever)
(Best day ever)
(Best day...)

All those things always brighten up my day...
All those things keep me smiling all the time...
All those things make me wanna give a BIG THANKS to my AWESOME FATHER...
All those things make me wanna say
I LOVE YOU!!! ^-^

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