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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Pen Friend

When you saw the title, didn't you think about oldies time?
Since new technology develops every day and we can communicate more easily..
Or maybe not.. Okay..
Holiday season makes time to update friend's blog news..
And this one got me..
It's about random postcard exchange around the world or better known as post crossing..
All you have to do is register on the website and automatically you'll get postcard ID and write down your own profile..
You can write down a brief self introduction, your postcard picture like or dislike, or must written line in the postcard sent to you..

For the start, you must send postcard to random person (5 people in maximal)..
To who? Just click the "Send a postcard" button and you'll get the address and postcard ID that you must write on your postcard..
If your postcard is already received by one person than he/she will register the postcard on the website..
That means you'll get one postcard sent by another random person that already join Postcrossing and so on..

Today I visit a nearest well-known book store to buy 5 postcards and nearest post office to buy the stamps..
I really am excited..

The first postcard is for Natalia in Russia. I choose photo of Dani tribe from Papua only because I can't find photo of Komodo national park. I remembered she likes wild nature so I bought this. Hehe. My imagination of wild nature is kind of weird. Maybe I was too excited to buy an unique postcard from my country. Sorry Natalia if you don't you like it. It is a memorable one though.

The second postcard is for Martina in Russia. I choose photo of Fatahillah Museum because she prefers picture from my city or country. I hope you like it, Martina :)

The third postcard is for Cordula in Germany. I choose photo of Tangkuban Perahu mountain because she said she likes awesome landscape. I hope you like it, Cordula :)

The fourth postcard is for Gerda in Germany. I choose photo of Teater Keong Emas because she wants to know about the city where I live. I hope you like it, Gerda :)

The fifth postcard is for Alla in Russia. I choose photo of Toba lake because her favourite's first mention is nature. I hope you like it, Alla :)

If you want to have a pen friend, you can choose to accept direct swap..
From this five people I've gotten, there are Natalia and Gerda who accept direct swap..
I hope they can be my first two European pen friends :)

If you're from Indonesia, there's also Indonesia Postcrossing Community where you can know more about postcard sending fee to other continents, postcard selling place, and anything related to Postcrossing..

Feel free to send me a postcard if you want to!
Contact me on hotmail, facebook, tumblr, etc..
Just look at the right bar of this blog ;)
You can also read what kind of postcard I want on my Postcrossing profile..

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