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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Our Creation

This is it...
As I promised before, I will make a special post about our (I & my colleague) STOP-MOTION project assignments... Enjoy! :)

Created by Isabella, Devijanty, Lydwina, Alvin, Sherlya, Giovani, Marlin

Created by Anne, Audi, Febrian, Indri, Vita, Niko, Devina, and me :)

As you watch this, just be patient.. The stop-motion is in the end of the video.. ;p
Created by Moses, Victor, Reynaldi, Onde, Bartimeus, Adhi

And this is my senior high school friend's (Finda) personal creation :)


ibel said...

Wah sessieee, senangnya ada namaku muncul di post-mu hehehe thank you it's an honour. And MAS kelompok kamu juga super unyu! :))

Dogloverzz said...

Hahaha.. Iyaaa... Soalnya aku suka ngeliat stop motion gini.. Bangga jg sama kreativitas qta semua!! :DD