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Saturday, June 25, 2011

It's Been A Long Time

I think I made this post in 2010..
All this time it's saved as draft file.. hehe
I bet some of you, especially you movies addict, sure won't pass it by.. ;p
Hmm.. I'm kinda lazy to make reviews..
So I'll just leave my short comment for each of those..

This time is an India movie which has many moral lesson inside..
It's about loving what you do..
Not for pride, not for money, not for appreciation from people, or else..
Long storyline but definitely NOT boring.. Trust me, you'll like it! :)

Next is true story about an inventor of intermittent windshield wiper named Robert Kearns..

Because of his invention, he involved in a patent infringement case against Ford Motor Company..
Don't you think it's cool?! A man against a company..
I think if Robert Kearns weren't a "crazy" man, he would never win the case..
Do you know, he even got divorced because of this 12 years case... Wew..
I salute him, though..

I salute his kids also :)

Let's move on then.. This one is a Lifetime Television film about foster kids in America..

You should know that most of America's foster kids, after they reach 18 (which means they are no more under the charge of government foster care), end up homeless, in jail, or dead..
I dyingly wanna be like Dr. B in this movie..
I just imagine one day I will take real action for children's rights..
I used to have an ambition about adopting a child when I grow up..
And I think it's still valid.. :)

Now it's time for Disney movie!! Yay! In Indonesia, the title is Rapunzel..

I heard in the other country the title is still Tangled..
My college friend said its purpose is to attract people to watch because the title "Rapunzel" is more familiar..
Hmm, I think that make sense..
Furthermore, this Rapunzel is kinda unique..
Even the prince is way different.. xD
I absolutely will feel a pity for every children who haven't watch this awesome Disney movie..
Hey parents, how about your kid?! :)

A story about troubled teenager who is imprisoned by the local police in his own house..
I forget why he got imprisoned..
Instead of doing nothing, he started to spy his neighbourhood with a binocular..
And that's when his love life begin, followed by a threat from a fugitive killer..
Unique storyline, huh?!

Another Lifetime's film about Christmas! :))
A poor 9 years old Emily is just left by her mother in a car accident..
She is taken by a child agency worker, Patricia Addison (usually called Patty)..
Emily stays in Patty's house while Patty is looking for Emily's mom relatives..
During this time, Emily indirectly help Patty making peace with her lousy past..
Maybe you can guess the end of the story..
In my opinion, this movie suitable to be watched with your whole family members in a warm-nice Christmas eve.. :)
One more thing.. The Emily character here is so cute.. ^^

I love Kate Hudson's & Dane Cook's act here..
Okay I will tell you a short review for this one..

Kate Hudson plays as Alexis, a successful-single career woman. While Dane Cook plays as Tank, a help line operator who often help guys in winning or losing a girl. *Weird way to help~* Until his own step cousin, Dustin (Jason Biggs) who has a crush on Alexis, ask for his help. Actually Dustin likes Alexis since they went to the same college, but Alexis doesn't feel the same way. Alexis find herself falling in love with Tank without knowing that Tank is Dustin's step cousin. And Tank feels the same for Alexis. Yeah, big fight happens between Tank and Dustin when Dustin find out before Tank has a chance to tell him. Feeling so bad toward Dustin, Tank starts to act like a jerk in front of Alexis and her family on Alexis' sister wedding day. He does that so Alexis would hate him and return to Dustin. His plan seems to work well. Alexis breaks up with him, but it doesn't open a way for Dustin.

Well, love can't lie.. :p

You see the short statement on the top of the poster?
"Some guys just can't handle Vegas" xD
Yup, that's what this movie's all about..
Those three (actually four) guys really got a hangover day at Las Vegas..
Curious?? Hehehe..

I adore Chow Yun Fat in this movie.. He plays as Master Roshi, a wise yet dirty old man..
Master Roshi is the one who teach Goku a powerful spell, Kamehameha..
I rarely (maybe have never) see him playing a comedy scene..
A bit weird to me, but he did make me laugh.. x)
The storyline is just like the other Dragonball live action movie: collect the seven dragon balls, fight Piccolo, revive the dragon Shen Long, and make one wish..
The different here is: the Goku character comes from modern life; he and his lover, Chi Chi, goes to college; no flying nimbus; and different wish to Shen Long..

Sandra Bullock.....
Hah, she always got the show..
She plays as a business woman who got engaged to her assistant by accident for the sake of saving her business..
Everyone knows, what started wrong won't end well..
But again, love change everything..
Then.. Tada~ Everyone wants an happy ending, right?! You got it here.. :)

Ah.. I heart the cover..
What is Angus? Angus is the cat.. Yes, cat with the black flat cap..
The girl on the center is Georgia Nicholson (Georgia Groome)..
And her three friends are Rosie (Georgia Henshaw), Jas (Eleanor May Tomlinson), and Ellen (Manjeeven Grewal)..
The boy holding the guitar is the boy who is chased by Georgia..
His name is Robbie (Aaron Johnson).. He is so handsome here.... @.@
Basically this story is about a 14 years old teenager who learns about family togetherness, love life, and friendship from her life experience..
Simple storyline but still there's a moral lesson inside..
You'll learn about managing your priority in life, accepting who you truly are, putting aside your ego, and valuing friendship..

Well, Tim Burton never failed.. Haha..
Quite an imagination.. Great animation..
Its storyline is based on a novel by Neil Gailman titled the same..
One interesting thing from this movie is the doppelgänger..
What is it? According to Wikipedia, in fiction or folklore, a doppelgänger is a tangible double of a living person that typically represents evil..
But actually there's a scientific explanation for it..
It was found by Shahar Arzy and colleagues of the University Hospital, Switzerland, that the doppelgänger phenomenon can be stimulated by applying electrical stimulation to the left temporoparietal junction of someone's brain..
It's also often linked to monothematic delusion which can occur with/without some mental illnesses like schizophrenia or dementia, else caused by organic disfunction like traumatic brain injurystroke, or neurological disorder..
The fact tells that some well-known people, including Abraham Lincoln, have felt this phenomenon..
O yeah, for you who watch The Vampire Diaries TV series, you can also find the doppelgänger phenomenon there.. ;)

Pretty little Anna Chlumsky and geeky little Macaulay Culkin..
They plays in this 1991 film as two best friend, Vada Sultenfuss and Thomas J. Sennett..

Vada is a 9 years old tomboy girl and suffer from hypochondriasis (this one makes the funny scene. Imagine a 9 years old kid visit the doctor by herself every day for regular check-up. And she talks like she has a serious disease.. xD Oh, I forgot to tell you  that the movie's genre is comedy-drama..). She has a widower father, Harry Sultenfuss (Dan Aykroyd), who works as funeral director as well as funeral parlorVada's mother was already dead when giving birth to Vada and because of that, Vada often thinks that she has killed her own mother (Poor girl..). Beside her father, there's also an invalid grandmother whom is Vada care for and who suffer from Alzheimer disease (What a life..). Sometimes we think life is not fair. Even a 9 years old girl w/ that kind of life must handle death of someone close to her (I mean not her mother, but another someone.. I cried at this  scene.. :'(). But one thing for sure, Vada learns many things from event to event happens in her life. Those events definitely help Vada to grow up into a more mature girl.

My opinion about this movie? I'll let you guess it from my short review.. ;p

Spanglish is a story about an American family man, John Clasky (Adam Sandler), who fall in love with a Spanish woman, Flor Moreno (Paz Vega), that moves to his house as a housekeeper by request of his wife, Deborah Clasky (Téa Leoni)..
Why? Because his wife is fond of the Flor's daughter, Christina Moreno (Shelbie Bruce)..
She is such a bad figure for a mom..
She treats someone's daughter better than her own daughter just because her daughter doesn't fulfil her expectation..
And she cheats on her husband.. Haiz..
Fortunately, there's granny! I mean Deborah's mother, Evelyn Wright (Cloris Leachman)..
At first I don't really get the statement in the poster "every family has a hero"..
But now I know.. For me, Evelyn is the hero of Clasky family..
And for Moreno family, I think Flor is the hero..
I heart Flor character.. In contrast with Deborah, she represents a strong-loving mother figure..

Shelbie Bruce & Paz Vega
Beautiful mom and daughter in Spanglish :)

To be continued~ :p

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