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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Nice to Be Back Home Again :)

I've told you in my first 2011 post (in the part "Far Away Home") that I felt so empty when I'm far from my "Daddy"..
I felt scared to face the world..
Next week, I'm going to start my internship..
Many worrying things came to my mind..
What if I can't do all the job they will be given to me well?
What if I make a hilarious mistake during the internship?
What if I can't keep the good name of my university?
What if, what if, what if...
I really was being pessimistic..
And like I said before, there was no peace at all in my heart.. >_<

However, I'm grateful for those tiring and frustrating thoughts..
It means that I'm in the middle of growing up process..
It shows how I really need Him in my life..
That I won't find any peace outside Him no matter how hard I try..

These last 3 days, I've been starting to communicate with Him again..
The result?
I feel far more calm and comfort..
I gain my positive thought and optimistic feeling back..
Feel so stupid for ignoring Him all this time.. ><"
Well, there's no need to blame the past.. Right?!

I'm also reminded of a simple thing I've been taught since I was a kid, that there's NOTHING IMPOSSIBLE FOR HIM..
But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. ~ Matthew 6: 33 (New International Version)
All I need to do is just HAVE FAITH in His words.. Simple, isn't it?
He has showed me that there's always HOPE for those who trust in Him..
There's always enjoyable struggle in Him..

My mom said that we're lack of this one thing..
I think so..
In whatever you do, if you don't have this, then you will achieve nothing..
I want to learn to have this and I know there's a lot of people working on this one too..
Therefore, let's work it out together guys!

Be blessed and be the blessing :)

PS: I was very surprised with this semester's result! I'm nothing without You~

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