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Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 Flashback

Yea right, I am a bad blogger..
Really sorry to all my blog's readers..
But now I'm back! :)
And it's already the first month of 2011.. Hehe
Don't you think it's time for flashback? ;)
Okay, start with....


MICROBES is the name of my faculty's monthly bulletin..
Yeah, I joined MICROBES team in 2010 as General Affair Director..
What do we do? Here are General Affair's job description:
- print MICROBES bulletin every two months
- distribute the bulletin to all students council and organization in my university, to my faculty lecturers, to the students in general, etc
- decorate MICROBES wall magazine
- make the announcement for MICROBES article's contributor
- distribute the prize for quiz winners

To make the job easier, I allocate each job list to my General Affair team..
My part is distribute the bulletin and make the announcement..
Honestly, I feel that I haven't done the distribution well yet.. :(
It's already the 3rd edition! How come? :'(
I feel really sorry to the chief editor, Bagaskoro..
This will be one of my resolution for 2011.. Yep!

Fyi, this is 2010/2011 MICROBES' team..
Let's do our best for MICROBES in our last period, guys :D

Chief Director

Editor in Chief

Head Editorial
Theodorus Eko

Editorial Staff 
Alexander Ng
Yeremia Jonathan
Mahaldika Cesrany

Graphic Designer Coordinator

Graphic Designer Staff
Thomas Onde
Anastasia Setiadi

Business and Marketing Director

Business and Marketing Staff
Niko Prasetyo
Marlin Elza
Stefani Lobionda
Amanda Kristiani

General Affair Director
Jessie Gabriela

General Affair Staff
Adelheid Astrid
Nikodemus Steven
Reynaldi Darma

Please take a glimpse of our work in 2010 :)

2) Social Science "PELANGI: Percobaan Ilmiah yang Mengasyikan"

This is an event held by one of faculty's student club: Science Club..
I joined them as one of the group's mentor..
We played games with and taught the orphanage of St. Vincentius Putri some fun experiments :)

                                                                                                                                                                                             My group :D

3) Goblet of Biotech

A futsal and basketball competition between students from Biotechnology, Life Science, MIPA, Food Science, Environmental &  Agricultural engineering which will be held in 2011..
I participated in the committee as Liaison Officer member..
I really am excited for this event because this is my first time to become a Liaison officer.. Hehe..
I hope I could get some valuable experiences from this committee.. :)

4) FTb Games "BIOSFAIR"

Left to right; top to bottom:
Me, Elisabeth, Rosalie, Wince, Awin, Yola, Marlin, Jinia, Ibel

2010 was the first time I joined this sport event.. :)
This is my faculty's sport event which is held every year..
There are chess, basketball, volleyball, futsal, and table tennis competition..
Since the first semester, I only show up as the spectator and the "cheerleader", but not this time..
I took part in the volleyball team (photo above)..
Well, I wasn't really good in it..
But at least I participated, I tried, and we did it! :D

5) Got Approved for One Month Internship at PT Indofood Fritolay Makmur

Way cool... Thanks Dad :)

Familiar with this product?
I bet you are.. ;)
PT Indofood Fritolay Makmur is part of PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk that produce snacks like Chiki, Chitato, Jetz, Cheetos, Lays, and Qtela..
I got a position in Quality Assurance and will learn about the implementation of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) at there from January until February..
During the internship, I will stay at my eldest aunt's house in Tangerang..

A nice-comfy house of my eldest aunty where I can play PS2, The Sims 2,
basketball, even biking with my niece & nephews xD

To Mr. Hendra Iswahyudi as my mentor in Indofood, all workers there, and Mrs. Noryawati as my mentor from my faculty, let's cooperate! :D

6) 5th Semester

A trip to PT Nutrifood :)

At the top: Vita, left to right: Olivia, Laora, Indri, Vilam, Me

Olivia, Lobi, Acid, Me

Me & Anne

In the greenhouse: Bamma & Moses
Ibel, Me, Uwi, Yustin, Jinia, Ika, Febri

Big family of Tissue Culture Laboratorium 2010 :)

Tissue Culture Laboratorium's group
Left to right, top to bottom:

Leo, Me, Vita, Ivan, Lydia (our lovely lab assistant :)), Moses, Sherlya, Awin

Finally, we finished this semester... :D
I'm happy yet scared..
The case is I didn't try my best at the final exam and the result hasn't come out yet.. >_<
Still hope for the best ~ not from my point of view, but Yours..
So sorry Dad..
Shame on me.. :'(

7) Smallpox

Yep! By the end of 2010, this virus attacked me..

Errrggh, it's so frustating.. :(

Fever, itchy, dizzy, and laryngitis..
The last word was a bonus.. Fyuh~
Smallpox + laryngitis made me consume antivirus and antibiotic every 4 hours.. Geezz..
It's my own fault, though..
I ought to keep distance from my brother when he suffered from smallpox too..
But the TV cable is in my room while he is now sleeping in my room..
I just can't stand still to watch movies.. -_-"

Right now, all I can do is hoping the scars will get better soon..
So that I could finish my internship before Goblet of Biotech starts..
I truly hope so...

8) Far Away Home

Fyi, that "home" doesn't refer to a real home..
Recently I felt far far away from my Big Daddy..
I rarely talked to Him for about 5 months..
I did feel He called me through every little thing happens around me..
But I kept pretending like I heard nothing, I saw nothing..
And to me, there actually ain't no peace at all..
In fact, I felt empty..

Fool me..
I tried to repel the emptiness by doing what I like to do..
Watching movies, listening to the music, drawing, even playing with my brother..
I felt happiness at that moment, but it didn't last long..
In the end, there's only two of us..
I and the emptiness..
Did I sound like a drama queen? Haaaahhh...
I don't care what you guys think of me..

Right now playing on my iTunes -> Sperti rusa rindu sungaiMu, jiwaku rindu Engkau.
Kaulah Tuhan hasrat hatiku, kurindu menyembahMu~

Dad : "Is doing 'the talk' that hard, Jc?"
Me  : T_____T
          "I already hurt You too much.. Still, you keep calling me.."

9) The Boy Full of Spirit

Guess how many times my brother got inpatient!
First was when the accident happened..
Second and third, when he got convulsion due to his brain injury..
The doctor said his cerebrospinal fluid is suppressing his brainstem..
Then a thin hose must be put in his body to drain the fluid for the rest of his life..
Yeah, that sounds horrible..
But again, HE shows me that there's always HOPE..
That keeps me strong and tough.. :)
Fourth, when he got another convulsion because of the smallpox virus..
And fifth was on the last Christmas,,
He got the convulsion again because many visitors came to my house and his condition was too weak..
Well, he must already be the most famous patient at Premier Hospital, Jatinegara..
I myself is almost as well-known as him there.. -_-

But look!

We're all in this together.. FIGHTING! >O<9

He never gives up..
And I know he never will.. :)

10) Indonesiaku

Timnas Indonesia at Asean Football Federeation Cup 2010 :)

For you who don't know yet, Indonesia football team reached the final of AFF Cup 2010..
They didn't get the first place, but they already showed us a great game.. Well done! :D
I wish for the very best to my beloved country in 2011~
Always proud to be Indonesian :))

to be continued..
Next post: New year's resolution

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