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Friday, September 10, 2010


Have you ever heard about Artificial Intelligence (AI)?
I have heard it since I was still in senior high school..
There was one chapter in my English book that tells about AI..
In my faculty, there is also AI subject include in optional subjects..
I was about to take it before my faculty announced all students of year 2008 couldn't take the optional subjects.. T__T

Recently I discovered a form of AI from my college friend's Facebook wall post..
I actually wanted to post this topic about a month ago..
Yeah.. Like usual, I just have no time because of my college's assignment..
Every time I want to touch this blog after I'm done with my assignment, I feel tired already.. -__-

At first, I didn't know the iGod | Chat with God application I discovered is one of AI's project..
iGod? What kind of application is that?

It is an application where you can have live chatting with "god"..
I think everyone who hear or see it would become so curious.. That includes me!
Let me show you "our" conversation..

At that time, I truly thought I was talking to a "real person".. That there was an "operator"..
So, my purpose in having this conversation was to find out the person behind this.. -,-"
You see the email given to me?
I searched "Dr. Wallace" in the Goole and I found this link -> http://www.alicebot.org/bios/richardwallace.html
The fact is..
I was talking to a computer program named ALICE (Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity).. @.@
Then my purpose in the next conversation was to know how far this chatterbot could response me.. ;P

Yeah, what can I expect from a robot?
We did have some miscommunication during the chat..
But still, I salute Dr. Wallace!
Moreover I salute Michael Loren Mauldin, the very first founder of chatterbot! :D

If you wanna know more about ALICE, chatterbot, or Dr. Wallace (like I do ;P), you can visit Dr. Wallace's blog on http://alicebot.blogspot.com/ or simply browsing the internet.. ;)

If you wanna make YOUR OWN CHATBOT, here's the link: http://www.pandorabots.com/botmaster/en/home
You can choose your own chatbot's gender, favorite music, hobby, etc..
You also can publish your chatbot and see every conversation between your chatbot and people on the net.. Interesting, isn't it?
So have fun with your chatterbot! ^.~

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for you who celebrate it ^O^

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