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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Time for Movies Update

Hmm.. The first time I heard the word "Eragon" is from the book's title sold at Gramedia book store..

I imagine the story must be a typical fantasy story like Harry Potter, Lord of The Ring, or Narnia..
FYI, I haven't watch Lord of The Ring yet..
I just know in the movie, there's creature like Doby in Harry Potter.. Wkwkwk..

I'm kind of person who like processing information through picture rather than thousand small worlds on paper pieces..
However, I still like reading..
Yeah, you can't depend on one source..
There are many important information you can only get from book, newspaper, or other print media..

Actually, Eragon is name of an ordinary orphan farm boy who has been chosen to be the new dragon raider. He lives in Carvahall village in a fictional country of Alagaesia. One day when he was hunting in the forest, he found a blue polished egg that he never expect a dragon hatching from it. Dragon? Is it scary? Gross? Or what? First, it's a female. Elegant yet sexy voice. Clean and pretty blue color. A powerful character. Her name is Saphira (It really is a cool name for a female dragon!). As the new chosen one, Eragon has mission to save people of Alagaesia from the tyrant wizard-king, Galbatorix. In this movie, Eragon doesn't meet Galbatorix yet. Along with his mentor, Brom, and friends, Princess Arya, Murtagh, the Varden, Eragon fight one of Galbatorix followers: the evil sorcerer Durza and troops.

I like this movie..
Especially when the dragon rider's vision fuses with the dragon's..
I truly wanna try this spell so that I don't need full eye contraction to see small or far far away object.. X)
Also their (dragon and its raider) bond...
Brom: A Rider can live on if his dragon is killed. But if he is killed...
Saphira: [
solemnly] So is his dragon...
Aaarrrggghhhh... I WANT TO HAVE A PET!!!! >____<

One more thing about the protagonist character..
It is played by Edward Speleers..
Just so you know, Eragon is his first film debut..
You did a good job, Ed! ;)

"Ed came in [to the casting session], and we just looked at each other and said, "That's Eragon, that's the guy from the book," said director Stefen Fangmeier: "I got a strong sense of Ed's sparkle, of his life. It's the kind of thing where you just know he's destined to become a movie star. Speleers won the role as he was trying to learn his lines for a school production of Hamlet (Wikipedia).


Halle Berry~ Oow, she's always cool. Now she plays as a New York paper's reporter, Rowena Price, who is investigating a senator's sexual deviation case with her co-worker, Miles Haley (Giovanni Ribisi). Succeed in trapping the senator, she get fired from her job instead. At the subway, on her way home, she meets her childhood friend, Grace Clayton (Nicki Aycox). But Rowena seems to avoid Grace. Don't know why. Grace tells her that she had just been dumped by a wealthy-rich-married man, the owner of New Yorker advertising agency. She intends to ask Rowena to investigate this man whose name is Harrison Hill (Bruce Willis). Grace feels her life is in danger. The next day, Rowena gets a shocking news about Grace's body found floating on a river. This accident brings Harisson Hill as Rowena's main prime suspect. With Miles' help, she finds evidence by evidence that refer to Harisson Hill. Beside that, Rowena also discovers Miles' freaking secret by accident. At the end of the movie if you don't notice, you will get shocked by the truth behind Grace's death.

A bit knowledge I got from this movie is about...

Atropa belladonna, commonly known as belladonna or deadly nightshade. It has a long history of use as a medicine, cosmetic, and poison. Before the Middle Ages, it was used as an anesthetic for surgery, and it was used as a poison by early men, ancient Romans, including the wives of two Emperors, and by Macbeth of Scotland before he became a Scottish King. The common name belladonna originates from its historic use by women - Bella Donna is Italian for beautiful lady. Drops prepared from the belladonna plant were used to dilate women's pupils, an effect considered attractive. Today it is known that the atropine in belladonna acts as an antimuscarinic, blocking receptors in the muscles of the eye that constrict pupil size. Belladonna is currently rarely used cosmetically, as it carries the adverse effects of causing minor visual distortions, inability to focus on near objects, and increased heart rate. Prolonged usage was reputed to cause blindness (Wikipedia).

Yup! Belladona is poison used to kill Grace Clayton in Perfect Stranger..
It's also used by Harisson Hills' wife for dilation medication..


Bored with my holiday, I decided to watch Japanese movie streaming from www.mysoju.com
And I chose this one..

A touching movie about the loyalty of man's best friend and it's a Golden Ret! :) Basically, it tells a story of twelve years old Akari Saito who one day find a puppy at her backyard. She loves dog so much and she is very happy to find one. She asks her mother who has been  hospitalized because of her serious disease, to adopt the puppy. Since Akari's father is a busy surgeon while Akari has no sibling to play with, she is admitted to take care of Socks (the name Akari's mom give to the puppy). Before her mom dies, Akari makes 10 promises to Socks. But life changes, so does Akari.

Talking about moral side of the story, I read somebody's review about this movie and I 100% agree with him..
Beside teaching us to fulfil our own promise, 10 Promises to My Dog also remind us about how important for being there for our loved ones and making every precious moment counts.. We will probably come to understand that it takes a lot of responsibility to take care of a pet, especially when one's priorities in life tend to change as one grows up within the average lifespan of, in this case, a dog (Steel 2008)..
I think this is the reason why my mom doesn't admit me to own pet for now..
I can't even manage my study time.. Hehehe..
But I'm never bored to say, "Someday I will have mine!! At that time, I will be prepared already.." :))

Young Akari (Mayuko Fukuda)                                                                                                     Adult Akari (Rena Tanaka)

~ Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper ~
(Akari's mother and Socks ' favorite song)
Lying in my bed I hear the clock tick,
And think of you
Caught up in circles confusion
Is nothing new
Flashback, warm nights
Almost left behind
Suitcases of memories,
Time after-

Sometimes you picture me
I'm walking too far ahead
You're calling to me, I can't hear
What you've said
Then you say go slow
I fall behind
The second hand unwinds

If you're lost you can look
and you will find me
Time after time
If you fall I will catch you
I'll be waiting
Time after time

After my picture fades and darkness has
Turned to gray
Watching through windows
You're wondering iff I'm OK
Secrets stolen from deep inside
The drum beats out of time-
Back to * 2x
You said go slow
I fall behind
The second hand unwinds

Back to * 2x
Time after time
Time after time
Time after time
Time after time


Last but not least, the most thrilling movie of the first three.. Yeah right.. Haha
A true story from Tsavo, Kenya, happened in 1898..
It's about two killer lions that had attacked more than a hundred people of Tsavo..

The film is based upon The Man-Eaters of Tsavo by Lieutenant Colonel John Henry Patterson, the man who actually killed both real Tsavo maneaters..

As a military engineer, Patterson (Val Kilmer) is assigned to build a railway bridge across Uganda's Tsavo River by Sir Robert Beaumont, the primary financier of a railroad project in Tsavo, because the railroad is not being completed on schedule. He is so excited with that duty because it's his heart desire since long time ago to visit Africa. But his family still is his first priority. Even more, he has a pregnant wife at that time. However, his wife is very understand with that condition. She says "You build bridges, John. You have to go where the rivers are." (Ah, I salute you Mrs. Patterson..) By the time he arrives in Tsavo, he is welcome by camp supervisor, Angus Starling. He also get introduced with a native named Samuel and the camp doctor, David Hawthorne. Through Hawthorne, Patterson know about the lions attack in Tsavo. At his first night there, he successfully kills a lion with one shot. But unfortunately he doesn't make it in the next, next, next night until Starling and Hawthorne become the victims. Because of that, Tsavo's people lead by a man named Abdullah start to believe that Patterson arrival brought the disaster (I absolutely don't get it.. The attack clearly has been happening before Patterson came.. Patterson even has proven his ability in killing a lion.. How come they think like that?!!). 

The horrifying truth he discover with Charles Remington (Michael Douglas) who come to Tsavo few days after him, is the discover of the lions' den. In that place, they find many skeletons that had been collected. Remington says "Lions don't do this. Lions... never had a lair like this. They're doing it for the pleasure." (When I saw this scene, I did become frightened.. I thought a lion, a REAL lion, can transform to a "smarter" creature because they eat human brain.. >.<"It's like the "smart" shark in Deep Blue Sea.. But this is scarier because it really happened..). Actually Remington arrives there together with the Maasai, African tribal which is a pro at lion hunting. But they leave after Patterson fails to shoot one of the maneaters which stand right in front of him. He can't use the riffle he hold because it doesn't belong to him. He exchange his riffle with Hawthorne's (Actually Hawthorne doesn't have any bad intensions.. He wanna help Patterson because he think his riffle is better than Patterson's.. The rule is,, you must practice with your new gun first before entering the battle..). Not only the Maasai, all workers leaves the camp either. So there is just the 3 gentlemen remain. Patterson, Remington, and Samuel. The next night, they set up Patterson and a baboon as baits to attract the lions. They make it! One of the lions get shot by Remington. Unhappily, the next morning Remington is killed by the other lion. Patterson and Samuel is grieve-stricken. Then they burn the tall grass surrounding the camp in order to ambush the lion. And for the second time, their trick work out! All the monsters is finally conquered~~

Hmm.. I think you must know this..
A little history background of Tsavo's lions..

Tsavo is a region of Kenya located at the crossing of the Uganda Railway over the Tsavo River, close to where it meets the Athi River. It is a KiKamba word meaning "a place of slaughter", a reference to the murderous attacks of Maasai morani on Kamba people there. Until the British put an end to the slave trade in the 19th century, Tsavo was continually crossed by caravans of Arab slavers and their captives. Many of the victims dropped dead by the way and were eaten by lions. In this manner, some lions of Tsavo acquired a taste for human flesh. This might have contributed to the attacks by the two infamous Tsavo maneaters (Wikipedia).

Tsavo maneaters on display at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, Illinois

The natural disaster, global warming, animal, even another human! >____<
All because INHUMAN HUMAN...
Recently I watch TV and I saw life testimony of a lesbian couple..
Both of them already have kids from their 'normal husband'! (Such a broken world~)
The reason they change their sexual orientation are because a set of unhappy period from their past..
One of the lesbian's father used to torture his wife..
And it left a wrong mindset on their child that every man love torturing woman..

Actually, her 'normal husband' never torture her..
But since he died, she became like now..
All this time she fools her children by telling them that their father is on duty..
Questioning: do they know the big impact?!!
The possibility to carry over these wrong mindset to their children, even grand, grand, grandchildren..!!
Grrr... So sick of this.. There are always innocent victims.. And children always suffer.. =(

Okay, I think I have to stop writing..
I could write so much thing that has anything to do with this topic.. Hahaha..
Click here for the latest scientist study of Tsavo maneaters.. ;)

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