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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Play Your Music ;D

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that’s playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don’t lie!

Opening Credits: My Only Wish by Britney Spears
Nice, nice.. I always like Christmas song.. :) 

Waking Up: 6 Months, 8 Days, 12 Hours by Bryan Mcknight
"It's been six months, eight days, twelve hours since you went away"-_-

First Day: Try Try Try by Jason Mraz
"If you just try try try. Just to be ni-ni-nice. Then the world would be a better place for you and I" Okay!!

Falling In Love: Nobody's Home by Avril Lavigne
Not related to the topic at all.. -,-"

Fight Song: When I Fall by Rachael Lampa
"When I fall, when I fall. I know will I be landing. When I fall, when I fall. You will still be standing." Cool fight song!! :D

Prom: Life Is Calling by Giving My Best
Umm.. I don't think a Christian song fit for a prom.. X)

Life’s OK: My Number One by Hillsong Kids
"As the sun comes up 'till its going back down. No I'll never back down from living for You my God. I'm living for truth my God" :D

Mental Breakdown: Mamamu by Ecoutez
Definitely not the right song.. Look at the last lyric "Sungguh malangnya nasibmu" (translate: "how poor you are") >_<

Driving: Better Than Love by Sherina
Hmm.. So, so..

Flashback: A Song For You by Rachael Lampa
"If ever there was a time when I pushed You aside. I'm so glad You stayed through it all. And that You're in my life." No matter what happen, I would love You still :))

Getting Back Together: Yue Er Guang Guang by 5566
Hehehe.. I got the song but don't know the meaning.. :p 

Birth of Child: Your Eyes by Hillsong Kids
"Your eyes search the world over king and queen. Looking for a child, just like me. Here I am. I'm Your child. Open arms, I will serve You." Be the children of Him.. ;)

Wedding: Older by Colbie Cailat
Yes, of course.. Wedding means I'm getting older.. Hahaha.. "It's kinda tough getting older"

Final Battle: The Bare Necessities by Mowgli and Baloo from Ost. The Jungle Book 
"Look for the bare necessities. Forget about your worries and your

Death Scene: You by Christian Bautista
"It’s your smile, your face, your lips that I miss. Those sweet little eyes that stare at me. And make me say, I’m with you through all the way." Sweet last notes for the loved one.. Hahaha..

Funeral Song: Heaven Knows by Rick Price
"Cause heaven knows.."LOL

End Credits:

~ One Last Hope by Danny DeVito ~
from the original soundtrack of Hercules

So, ya wanna be a hero, kid?
Well, whoop-de-do!
I have been around the block before
With blockheads just like you

Each and ev'ryone a disappointment
Pain for which there ain't no ointment
So much for excuses
Though a kid of Zeus is
Asking me to jump into the fray
My answer is two words -
You win
Oh gods
Oy vay!

I'd given up hope that someone would come along
A fellow who'd ring the bell for once
Not the gong
The kind who wins trophies
Won't settle for low fees
At least semi-pro fees
But no - I get the greenhorn

I've been out to pasture pal, my ambition gone
Content to spend lazy days and to graze my lawn
But you need an advisor
A satyr, but wiser
A good merchandiser
And oohh!
There goes my ulcer!

I'm down to one last hope
And I hope it's you
Though, kid, you're not exactly
A dream come true
I've trained enough turkeys
Who never came through
You're my one last hope
So you'll have to do

Demigods have faced the odds
And ended up a mockery
Don't believe the stories
That you read on all the crockery

To be a true hero, kid, is a dying art
Like painting a masterpiece, it's a work of heart
It takes more than sinew
Comes down to what's in you
You have to continue to grow
Now that's more like it!

I'm down to one last shoot
And my last high note
Before that blasted Underworld
Gets my goat
My dreams are on you, kid
Go make 'em come true
Climb that uphil slope
Keep pushing that envelope
You're my one last hope
And, kid, it's up to you

Have a great Saturday!! ^O^

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