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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Celebrate The Day

I proudly announce you: I JUST FINISHED THE 4th SEMESTER!!!
*hope for the best for the result^^*

Two days ago was my last day on this semester..
It was closed by DNA technology's final exam..
How was that?
Hmm.. So, so..
A little bit disappoint because the essay question was about a story which my docent told on his last lecture..
And yeah.. I didn't attend the lecture.. >_<
The question was like this:
  1. Write down brief story about the children who play on train railway (a story told on DNA technology's last lecture)!
  2. What dilemma that happen in the decision making?
  3. What factors needed in an objective decision making (no emotional feeling)? Give an example of biotechnology case that bioethics involves in it!

Actually, I have heard some versions of that story (children and the train railway)..
I just didn't know which the correct one is..
But that was not a big deal, though.. ;)

After the exam, I and some of my friends (Ibel, Eli, Audi) gathered at Anne's boarding house near our campus..
I was really tired because I didn't get enough sleep the day before..
So I slept at Anne's room while the other did their own thing..
Eli watched Glee: Season 1 in Audi's laptop, Ibel played mini games in my laptop, Audi & Anne listened to the music and sang along together..
The last thing we did before we went back to campus (we all are Outbound 2010's committee and had to attend meeting on that day) was >>> TAKING SOME PICTURES OF US!!! ^-^

The pink one: Ibel
The blue one: Me
The yellow one: Eli
The black one: Anne
The white one: Audi

We also used some camera effects in Anne's laptop that made us looks ugly, weird, and funny... X)

I wanna say: "Thank you, friends.. Thank you for making my day.. I did have a great time with you all.. You guys are awesome!"^O^
Now I'm ready for...
H.O.L.I.D.A.Y.S!!! ^___^ ♥♥♥

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