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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

For You Guys and Girls

In my mind: It's holiday~~!!
Actually I still have Basic Ecology mid-test tomorrow and DNA Technology on Friday..
It just feels so great when I'm already free from such thing called R-E-P-O-R-T...

After I write the "Alice" post, I took my time reading my friend's blog..
It really is been a long time~~
One of them that attracts me (it usually does) is Meirina's newest post about LOVE.. (Welcome back to the world of blogging, Mei!! ^O^)
And it reminds me to a nice post about it..
It's taken from this awesome blog..

WHAT IS LOVE? The Four letter “L” Word.

“Whoever is without love does not know God, 
for GOD IS LOVE!” ~ 1 John 4:8
If God is Love… Then why is He hardly 
the center of most of our relationships?

If God is Love… Then why not ask HIM for advice 
when it comes to understanding what TRUE LOVE is? 
Going to anyone else is like going to a Honda
 Dealership for a Volkswagen part.

WORD OF THE DAY: incentive. Something, such as the fear of punishment or 
the expectation of reward, that induces action or motivates effort.

FUN FACT: Boys follow incentives. 

If you date a boy while he’s still a boy, guess what? He’ll stay a boy. This is because you REWARD HIM 
before he has a chance to grow up. BUT if you make a boy WAIT and become a MAN before 
he can date you, this will eliminate the odds of you dating a jerk! 
Believe it or NOT, guys who are made to WAIT are far more likely 
to be faithful to you, than the average guy!

* * *
If any of you “NICE GUYS” are reading this, and you can RELATE to 
what I’m saying, then here’s some words of encouragement for you: “Nice guys DON’T finish last. 
They LAST to the finish.” If a girl passes you up because she wants to date a GUY 
that her girlfriends think is cuter, then it’s HER LOSS.
DON’T rush into random relationships in hopes of eventually finding 
the right person! BE PATIENT. Let God write your love story. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have a LOVE STORY filled 
with twists and turns, than a bunch of failed relationships full of 
Let Go and Let God!

MY ADVICE: “Don’t date someone unless you consider marrying them.” “WHAT?!? Have you lost your mind??” 
Let’s sit and think about it. When you date someone, YOU might think it’s 
”just for fun,” but there’s no way of predicting FEELINGS that might 
eventually grow. What if you FALL for someone, and they don’t fall 
for you? Who gets hurt? 
What if you date someone for fun, sex, and scamming, 
and they end up falling for you? Now they’re the one who gets hurt? In other words, make sure you choose carefully who you date because FEELINGS 
are involved. If you play with feelings, you can REALLY hurt someone. 
In fact, some of you are STILL hurt because of a few people you’ve dated. 
So take dating seriously. PLEASE. MY ADVICE: Don’t “play” hard to get. BE hard to get!

Having a great “LOVE LIFE” 
means MORE than finding the right person. 
You also have to BE the right person!

-author unknown-
~Stay blessed!~

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