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Monday, February 8, 2010

Easily Guessed Plot with Nice Message

Last night I watched a horror movie on the TV..
Just so you know, it is not scary at all..
It's just a story about monster from a swamp..

The story begins with a telephone conversation scene between a girl named Melanie Blaime and a guy named Jimmy Fuller. He tells her to come to Gibbington because her father, Howard, is dying. They even don't know each other before. Melanie Blaime has lived in Gibbington but moved from there after her mother died. She was still 12 years old at that moment. Jimmy introduces himself as Melanie's childhood friend when she comes back to Gibbington. But only after a few moment, she quickly realizes that Jimmy was telling her a lie. Howard Blaime is not dying, instead he is hunted and looked after by a group of cops for accusation of some grisly murders at a swamp. At this point, I already can guess the hidden true murderer. Yeah, and I watch the rest of it coz I want to prove my prediction. :P And I was right!!

From this movie, I got a pretty good message..
This is what Howard Blaime says:
"Revenge will destroy yourself. It will just eat you up."
The point is there's absolutely no need to revenge someone whom already did bad thing to you..

Why don't we try to forgive and forget??
It's always and always worth a try..
I don't say it's easy but I think there's nothing to lose by doing it.. ;)
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