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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Scientists' Difficult Work (Link) and A Precious Gift

Coz my major is Biotechnology which is something to do with scientist,
I found this post interesting for me..
Come and take a look!! :)

Anyway, yesterday I got a gift brought back from a trip to Yogyakarta..
My deepest thanks to Anne, Ibel, and Eli.. (love you, guys!!)

Each of us have one! So, we will wear it together to campus :)

Honestly, I want to have a bag with Batik motive on it.. 
When I saw my two friends wearing Batik's backpack, it really made me wanna buy one.. >.< 
But I haven't got time to buy it yet.. 
And now You already answered me, Dad.. 
Thank You very much for Your loving kindness~~ 
Sorry if I often dissappoint You.. T__T

~I always ♥ U~


e l i ♥ said...

each of us have one! tapi punya g udah robek gitu..

Dogloverzz said...

Kok bisa, Li??
Knp bisa robek??
Gede robek'nya??
Ga jebol kan tapi??
*dserbu prtanyaan* :P