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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Just Wanna Say "Thanks to Pindy, her lovely sister, and Daddy JC.." :)

I already mentioned in my previous post that yesterday I went to my high school friend's house..
She is studying Graphic Design in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia..
This holiday,, she comes to Jakarta..
And when I came to her house yesterday evening,, I got this Malay's chocolate..
Delicious one!!
Finally,, I eat chocolate again~~ -,-"

Thank you so much!! ^O^

There are three types of chocolate fill inside: almond,, hazelnut,, and raisin..
Above those three,, I like raisin most...^^

I also borrowed two books from her and her sister..

Thanks to Pindy and Ci Winda!! ^O^

Yup! Eat, Pray, Love from her lovely sister..
The book that I wanna buy since long time ago..
Still waiting for the movie!!
And Perahu Kertas.. 
This one was recommended by her..
She said "This is a good book to read.."
I have bought this book as a birthday gift for one of my campus friends coz she wanted it so much..
A little bit curious with this book,, so I decided to borrow it...
Moreover,, she has finished reading it..
Today she is going to Bali for her internships in three months then continue to Kuala Lumpur..
She'll be back to Jakarta again on July.. (There's plenty of time for me to read it... :P) 

Thanks Dad for this one sweet day!! :) 

PS. I read her sister's Miiko comic book there until volume 3.. Wanna continue read it!!! >.<

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