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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just A Little Share

Yesterday after I got home from hanging out with my friends, we (me and my parents) did the family altar..
There was a little conflict between mom and dad..
Actually, it was because a simple thing..
But that simple thing really made the atmosphere different than usually..
As the third person in that situation, automatically I became the mediator..
I tried to break "the ice" between them..
I lead the worship and the prayer before reading the Bible although my mom didn't want to sing..
I just didn't want a small thing ruin every thing..
Our family altar must go on no matter what happen..
Nevertheless, I felt a bit relieved after hearing my mom read the Bible passage's explanation like she always do..

After we finished, I went downstairs to my room..
I was not sleepy yet.. (I always feel refresh after the family altar, even when I'm outrageously sleepy before -,-")
Then I opened my laptop, checking my blog, email, facebook, and twitter..
And when I played my iTunes' playlist, I heard a lovely song which I never listen for a long time..
I even don't realize I have it..
The title is When I Say That I Love You by anonymous..
Today I browse the internet, searching for the singer..

So it's another love song from our Daddy to us ^^

~ When I Say That I Love You by Franky Sihombing ~ 

You feel that you're lonely
It doesn't prove that you are alone
You feel that nobody wants you
It doesn't mean that no one cares about you

Listen to the words I say
For I will always by your side
You mean everything to Me
I will never leave you 'cause I love you so

You think that you're nothing
Before Me you are something beautiful
You think that you can't do anything
But you can do a lot of things with Me
Back to *, ***, **, *, ***

When I say that I love you
It means I give the best for you
When I say that I love you
I will give everything for you
No more fear about the future
And blame for the past
I'll give everything
When I say that I love you

I want you to know that I died for you
I want you to know that I give all my life for you
When I say that I love you
Back to ***

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