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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

He Just Talked to Me Again

Looks like He told me to come to my campus fellowship tomorrow..
(Okay Dad,, I'll join them...)
Actually I don't take Semester Padat in my faculty...
My new semester will start in March..
One of my fellowship members has sent me message to inform that our fellowship will be held tomorrow..
I have decided to not join them coz I'm lazy to go to campus...
And a few hours ago a girl named Dewi from UKM LKMM (one of non-academic student organization in my campus) called me to borrow my faculty's Handy Talky for Thursday..
I said to her that the Handy Talky are still borrowed by PAJ until Saturday (the other non-academic organization)..
(I didn't tell that PAJ's event is already done few days ago but I asked them to give it back on Saturday coz I will go to campus on that day..)
Then (shoot!!) she asked me whether the PAJ's event already done or not..

If I want to,, I could tell a lie to her,, but I just couldn't..
I know He doesn't like me to do that and I'm proud for already being honest...
After the phone rang off,, I sent message to Toga from PAJ to give the HT back tomorrow morning (before the fellowship begin)..
And he replied "Okay then, tomorrow. Thx."
Tomorrow I must get up early in the morning coz I want to join my mom in her way to her office...
And now I must finish Surat Keputusan Bonsai (secretary job.. -,-") coz the Bonsai committee asked for it already...

~Stay blessed~ =)

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