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Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Other "Blah"

Finally, I passed the nervous moment..
It's the moment when I must stand in front of about 25 people, lead a small Praise & Worship at the Sunday School's teacher coaching..
Although I came a bit late and I wrote down the songs on whiteboard with bad handwriting, but surely those things didn't affect me too much..
I already said before, I don't want a small thing ruin every thing..
I do realize I should speak slower..
But it was an automatic response to overcome my nervous..
Okay then, I'll practice my speaking speed and I'll become better and better as time goes by..
Even more, at the coaching, I will come to the front more often for the story telling workshop.. :)

And today, my mom told my Sunday School's teaching partner about our conversation yesterday.. Errr...

This was it..
I told my mom that I can't join my big family celebrating the Chinese New Year's event because of the coaching..
My mom said "Yes you can. We don't have to go to Sunday School and we take the evening service."
I was a little mad at her..
Why I must leave the Sunday School just for the family tradition on Chinese New Year??
I said "I felt pity for my teaching partner. She can't control all the children by herself."
Further more, it continued with some arguments and finished with my agreement to join the event..
I suddenly remembered that since this February, my class will got another new teaching partner..
So if I don't come, there will be still two teacher in my class..

But mom, it really does not necessary to tell her about our arguments..
I was so embarrassed.. >.<

One more..
At the evening service today, the preacher showed us an inspiring video..
A Spanish man named Tony Melendez with no hand can play guitar with his feet..
This is one of his video I found in YouTube..

~Be blessed and be a blessing~

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