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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Yesterday's Beautiful Pieces

Last night,, I really struggled with my bunch of assignment~~ 
I slept at 2:00 AM and woke up at 4:30 AM,, still continued the assignment... 
I was preparing two presentations and an essay... @.@
It was my fault that I always postpone and postpone,, that I wasted my time..
I did it all one day before the deadline so I didn't have time to prepare my self for the presentation..

At first I was really upset..
But I know it won't and never change anything...
I couldn't turn back the time either..
I would just waste my time and energy if I keep on thinking about it and still doing nothing..
So I directly decided to forget it and rose from my own "blue" world...

Am I easy to forget that sort of things??
Haha XD
Are you kidding me??

One thing that always keep me survive and move on is A GRATEFUL HEART..
I was so grateful for the strength that He gives me during the hectic preparation,,
for all my friends who always be there when I need them the most,,
for an opportunity that increase my knowledge,,
and the last but not least,, for a chance to learn from my mistake.. =)
I call it "The Power of A Grateful Heart"...
If I can do this,, so do you!!

Keep on fire for Him!!!

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