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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

He Reprimanded Me

Yesterday,, I went to my campus just to take care of my Faculty Student Council things...
Actually I have no class on that day,,
but I thought I wouldn't have time to take care of it on the other day..

When I got there,, I went straight to the Student Council room..
I was checking the room which has been cleaned on Saturday (2 days before)
and also the medicines which are remained a few coz most of it somehow has gone >.<,, putting the entry letters in order,, and waiting for the guy from Pastoran Atma Jaya (PAJ) who want to return my faculty's Handy Talky..
Special thanks to Febri and Theda for helping me checking the medicines^^
When it all finished,, I joined my friends that have Biostatistic class on that afternoon..
Suddenly I saw two white boxes with "PMI bla bla bla" writing on it which held by my two friends..
I was curious and I asked one of my friend where she got it..
She answered that she got it because she has donated her blood..
She got some breads that is putted in that white box and also a chocolate Ultra milk.. @.@

I was so excited to donate my blood too coz from the time being I never do it yet and I really want to try it..
Besides,, I could get free Ultra milk to fill my empty stomach..
Fyi,, I have just eaten a small piece of cake for my breakfast that morning and I felt hungry enough at that moment..
So I walked to Hall C where the donation took place with some of my friends accompanied me..

Before did the blood donation,, I must filled the donation form,, washed my hands,, and did the basic check for blood donation procedure..
I thought I was just checked for my blood pressure..
Suddenly my center finger was stabbed with a small needle..
I responded with a shout "Aww!!!"
It's not a loud shout but I felt a bit ashamed of it..
I really wasn't ready for the stabbing.. XP

It was a Hemoglobin levels check and I didn't pass the procedure.. T_T
My Hemoglobin level is too low~~
One of my friend said that Hemoglobin level influenced by sleep and eat patterns...
And I know I'm doing bad in it.. >.<
I talked to my self in order to cheer my self up
"There is still next time, Jc.. And when the time comes I will be more prepare.. ;)"

Then we had our lunch at the canteen..
Guess what happened to me?!
When I was ordering my food,, suddenly I felt like all things around me moving up and down and I started feeling dizzy...
I was afraid that I could collapse that moment..
So I decided to walk to my seat and took a sit for a few minutes..
All my friends asked me what was happening and they all said that my face looked pale..
Beside that,, my body also felt a little bit cold coz it was raining and I didn't bring my jacket.. >_<
I realized that I'm definitely not fit~~!!

I was still hungry...

I took my time until the dizzy getting better and I decided to eat Gado-gado..
I stood up and walked to the Gado-gado corner..
After a few steps,, the dizzy came again but not as strong as before..
(At least I could handle it this time..)
The Gado-gado couldn't be delivered to my table.. -,-"

I waited for a moment until it is served and I brough it my self to my table..
Really need some struggle just to get some food..
Hmm,, I think I got much better after I finished my food..
Thanks again to all my friends for your concern,, especially to Rosalie who worried me the most at that time..
Big love for you all, guys!!! ^O^

From this experience,, I feel that He reprimanded me for not eating on time and for not taking enough sleep because of my own fault...
Where is the good time management?!! 
"Yes I know, Dad.. It's all for my own good.. I'm so sorry~~"
I know if I get sick,, many things I have to sacrifice...
And NO ONE want it to happen,, including my Dad!!!
Maybe I must remember this every time I feel too lazy to do a thing for my own good :
I must stay healthy for I got many good things to do now and in the future!!! >O<

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