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Friday, June 19, 2015

Living My Passion

So, this is the story..
The voice that I assume come from the surveillance camera was back at the end of February..
I know that I have anticipated this unfortunate event so that it can't occur again..
But I think I'M FAILED..
Yeah, an unexpected event happened while I was working, that is, I never prepare for this kind of situation before..
It's so beyond my expectation..
Well, the thing is I was disappointed by someone's act whom I respect so much..
Nope! It's not one of my client but just someone whom I respect..
I can't believe he/she can ever do this to me..
I've told him/her that I hate this kind of situation happen in my life from the first place..
But, I don't think he/she ever listen to me.. :'(
He/she already did that and I'm sure that situation can happen again all the time..
And the voice will come back to me at that time..
So, I decided to stop working in any company..

I decided to concentrate on my own online shop business that I've started since I resigned from 7-Eleven..
I sell kain batik and smartphone case on Instagram and Facebook..

I do worldwide shipping only for kain batik..
You can follow my instagram @voilamoi_id and @demoifavor, or add my facebook account "De Moi Favor", or like my Facebook page "Voilamoi_id" :)

I was contented with my first income from the online shop business since I ran it full time (not part time or run it while working at the office)..
I got more income from it compared to my income at the office..
I was so sure that this is the RIGHT decision to make..

But Daddy JC's plan for me was different..
He has much better plan..
I was bored doing online business and only staying at home..
Maybe it's because my work experience before as executive account that I have to meet client in many places..
Then I was planning to work as private teacher..
There's a well known school near my residence and I was convince I can find some student around my residence to be taught..
In short, few days after my birthday at the beginning of April, I got two junior high school student and they are twins!
My mom helped me to find them in an unexpected way (Daddy JC is always awesome!)
She asked her relatives whom also are private teacher and also my previous private teacher from elementary and high school about the fee I must set up to become a private teacher..
Approximately on the third week of April, I officially became a private teacher.. :)

I love this job..
I'm so happy to become a teacher beside Sunday School teacher..
Well, my passion is anything related to kids.. :D

Hey! It's not over yet..
On May, there's more unpredictable and exciting news for me..
I got another job opportunity as kindergarten teacher from my mom's relatives whom she asked to before about private teacher's fee..
But the school is far from my home..
I really wanted to work there though and I really didn't care about the voice that can be a risk if I work at a company..
It's because the job is my passion!!
My mom said that she and my dad supports me to work there as long as the income I got from there is worth it..
So I applied there and I was invited for my first interview at the beginning of May..
I was told that if I will be invited for the second interview if I past the first elimination..
Do you know how happy I was when I got a phone call informing about my second interview? :)
Unfortunately, at that time my body was not in a good condition..
I had to skip the interview because my thrombocytes level is low and I have to be hospitalized..
I spent one week in the hospital until my thrombocytes level back to normal..
After that one week, I didn't get a phone call from the school and I also had to go out of town to do a ministry in Mount Bromo (Surabaya) for another one week..

But, His plan never failed..
After I got home, I received the phone call! :D
I was nervous yet excited..
And the third phone call was a question when I could start work there.. :DD
Proud of it!

Me, Miss Grace (my partner on the right) and the toddler students :)

Me (the third from the left) on 2014-2015 student graduation and musical performance :)

Me with all teachers and all helpers at the graduation :)

Me at one of the student's birthday celebration :)

Me, Miss Susan, Miss Devi, Miss Grace, and Miss Lidia :)

Some gifts from K2 student who has graduated to elementary school.
Thanks to Clairine, Davisya, Richard, and Rara (K1) :)