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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

LOVE Random

I love growing up..
I love to be stubborn..
I love to be obedient..
I love to be melancholic..
I love to be cheerful..
I love to love others..
I love to be loved by others..
I love to learn new things..
I love to teach new things..
I love to listen..
I love to be listened..
I love to be encouraged..
I love to encourage..
I love to be optimistic..
I love to be pessimistic..
I love to be scared..
I love to be brave..
I love to see children smiling, laughing, playing, even crying..
I love to mix and match..
I love to see people's expression..
I love to get bored..
I love to get in trouble..
I love to share love..
I love to be excited..
I love to be surprised..
I love to be worried..
I love to hear someone's life testimony..
I love mystery..
I love comedy..
I love drawing..
I love watching movies..
I love to be inspired..
I love to inspire..
I love my creative, smart, funny, lovable friends..
I love my family..

My colorful life is so DELICIOUS..
Gumao :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Feel Growing Up (Spoiler Alert!)

I actually started writing this post in December 2010, but I hadn't finished it yet..
So just now I have time to continue this post..
I hope this one post can be a blessed for all of us.. :)

I finished watching Nodame Cantabile last year.. Hehe.. xp
There's a part in Nodame's last movie where Nodame finally become a kindergarten teacher, which she's been dreaming of before she falls in love with Sinichi Chiaki..
Since she met Chiaki, her dream has slightly displaced..
She sets a new life goal which is playing a piano concerto with Chiaki as the conductor..
She's been struggling so much for it, but in the end she finds out that she only feels the joy of playing piano when she follows her real passion (she even has composed a cheerful pieces for kids)..
My tears burst out seeing Nodame happily playing the piano in front of kindergarten kids.. T__T
After all crazy though thing she has went through~

I started to think about the bold word above..
I'm sure that all people have their own passion.. YES, WE DO..
It's just some (maybe most) people doesn't realize it yet..
They have to experience many things in life first before they notice their real passion..
Meanwhile, there are also other people who find their passion from the very beginning..
I myself belong to the first type..
My passion is about all things related to KIDS.. Yeah, similar to Nodame..
Why kids? You can read this..
Even so, I also love music, animal (especially dog), and I'm concern about the environment issue (as you can see at the right bar of this blog~)..

One of my college friend has asked me this question....
"Why didn't you choose teacher education or child psychology major?"
I couldn't answer her..
In my mind, I know that what I choose now is not my real passion..
But I NEVER EVER regret it and I'm really PROUD to be a biotechnology student.. :))
I believe the major I choose now is the BEST major He has provided for me..
It's already part of His beautiful plan..
Now I only pray to Him that things I've learned from college will be USEFUL for other (more specific, it will be applicable for my future job), but I also DON'T wanna miss the chance to pursue my real passion..
I wanna do what I love and love what I do..
Above all, I just want to PLEASE You in EVERYTHING I do..
Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters ~ Colossians 3: 23 (New International Version) 
This verse have been inspired me whenever I get tired of what I do and it WILL ALWAYS do..

Just let me stay in Your path, my sweet Lord..
Bend me, shape me as Your will..
Prepare me to the next level You have prepared..

For you who is interested with this "growing up thing ;p", I found a nice testimony titled "The Further Pursuit of Dreams, How Do I?" written by Scott Molgard in his middle 30..
Differentiate between passion and dream..
This guy has realized his real passion since he was young (read Scott's biography), then he chose a major which related to his passion, and suddenly thought about his "unclear" dream.. x)
Well, if you are asking about my dream right now, here what pops up in my mind:
- go to Disneyland by my own money
- adopt a child with my future husband
- get involved in child care/ animal rescue/ environmental organization
- have some golden retrievers
- have wood floor in my future house
- travel around the world
There are still many that not pop out.. xD
What I know to do with those dreams is to lay them down at His "foot" and wait for His feedback.. :)

My life is not perfect, but God's plan for me is. ~ Anonymous
(quoted frohttp://ladyofrecklessabandon.tumblr.com/)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

YouTube Sharing

Her name is Clara Chung..
I know this American-Korean singer from my junior in high school's tweet..
This song is her first single from her first album "Art in My Heart"..
Like the large bubble effect! 
Like the setting! Like the music, also the voice! :)
And do you believe this statement?
"here was essentially no budget to do anything, but we had a camera and some creative minds.."
Salute to all crew behind this video clip!
If you are curious on how the bubble's made, where the idea came from, or where the shooting took place, you can go to this website -> www.rossching.com

~ Offbeat by Clara Chung ~

I want a library full of our stories
A ship to keep our memories afloat
I wanna hit rewind
Playback a hundred times
The moment when our hearts aligned

La la la la la la la
La la la la la la la la (x2)

Forget the air
I'll breathe you instead
Fill up my lungs
Forget to exhale

I'll be down
You be my offbeat
Let's make rh-rh-rh-rhythm
And harmony
Waltz to our 3/4
'Cause you put the art in my heart

Your warmth and sunny rays
I'll save for rainy days
To break in case of emergency
And then I'll shut these eyes
Playback a thousand times
The moment when our hands intertwined

Forget the air
I'll breathe you instead
Fill up my lungs forget to exhale

I'll be down
You be my offbeat
Let's make rh-rh-rh-rhythm and harmony
Waltz to our 3/4
'Cause you put the art in my heart


Don't you think it's so cool??!!
Yeah, IT IS..
The funny thing is these unique videos are made for a battle.. xD
Using any kind of stuffs to make music.. Love, love, love~
Those three videos are my favorite..
There are still more to see on YouTube! Check them out!


Maybe it's too late to share this video..
But if I'm not mistaken (coz I rarely watch TV lately.. -_-), this video isn't published in my country yet..
As you can see, her fragrance "Black Star" and her clothing line "Abbey Dawn" show up in the video.. Nice way of promotion, girl.. Haha..
For the lyric, I have posted in Avril's Style post..
P.S She looks cute on that square eyeglasses x)