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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Shrek - Ing

Shrek Forever After, the last series of Shrek: The Movie..
I watched it with my two college friends, Audi and Wince, at Semanggi 21..
I remember not much, but the most thing that stick in my mind is Shrek's three babies.. ^___^

 They are Fergus, Felicia, and Farkle.

The story is about Shrek who is getting bored of his everyday life as a family man. Get up in the morning, take care of his ogre babies, do the household thingy, and so on, and so on. Ain't got time for hisself. Finally, his boredom erupts when he attends his son's birthday party. Shrek leave the party and have a little confrontation with Fiona at the backyard. Unconsciously, their conversation is heard by Rumpelstiltskin. Rumpelstiltskin is a magic deal-maker who was failed at making deal with King Harold and Queen Lilian (Fiona's parent) because of Shrek. Through that event, he sees a very good opportunity to infect Shrek's mind. He approaches Shrek and offers him a day to feel like a real ogre again, in exchange for a day from Shrek’s childhood. Without knowing what day it is, Shrek accepts the offer. He doesn't know that the day which is taken is the day he was born. When there was no Shrek, the story would be different. Hmm.. I think these posters below are enough to make you, Shrek's loyal audience, wonder what happen after Rumpelstiltskin gets what he want. ;P

Another movie I've seen is a Korean movie titled ...ing

This movie was recommended by my long-time-no-see college friend, Anastasia, and it successfully made my tears burst out..

It tells a story about young girl who has a chronic disease and right deformed hand since she were born. Her name is Gang Min-ah. Min-ah has a very very cool-lovable-pretty mother named Mi-sook. One day, she encounters a very very nice-carefree-high spirited-smart photographer who just moved to her apartment (Such a GREAT MOTHER, such a GREAT GUY~~). He falls in love with Min-ah on the first sight. Day by day, he tries so hard to get Min-ah attention and befriend with her. But after they get into a deeper relationship, Min-ah discovers her disease that can take her life anytime, anywhere. Then, the sad scenes begin... Aarrrgghh, I absolutely recommend you this movie! And tell me how you feel after you watch it.

@Anas: Hey you, busy girl.. How're things going?? What are you doing now?? Wanna hear your story there.. Waiting for another recommended Korean movie also.. Hehe.. Just share it on your old blog.. ;D

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