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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mid-Term Test and The Cute Guy (Quick Post)

So, this is me again with some updates!! ^__^

On Monday, my mid-term test is going to start..
The first subject is Environmental Microbiology..
Then continue with Food Technology on Wednesday..
A field trip to "Indomie" factory on Thursday, whereas I have Biochemistry test on that day and Functional Food test on the next day..
And the big issue is...
I still have two DNA Technology's reports to do and must be collected on Monday, April 26..
Really need your prayer support so I could manage my time wisely.. :))

Two days ago, I meet the C.U.T.E G.U.Y..
I know, I never told about him in my previous posts..
But this is it..

We've seen each other several times, but I never expect to see him again in such a situation..
And I think he recognized me also.. (I do feel that.. X))
What situation? Where?
Sorry, can't tell you.. Hihihi...
Like his face, like his voice!
I'm so melting, especially when he was singing~~
I remember the first time I had a crush on a guy..
I was still on the 5th grade at that time.. X)
Hope I could meet this guy again and get acquainted with him..
Just like Mandy Moore's song ~ A Girl Can Dream.. :P
Time to sleep now..
See ya! ;)

~ Mid-term test, here I come!! ~


avillanash said...

Eh sekaligus mau kasi tau, AKU KE RUMAHMU HARI SELASA YAA! Belajar tekpang bareng. Trs minggu depannya belajar ekodas bareng. Oia biokim gimana yaa nasibnya?????

Dogloverzz said...

Si Anas..
Lgsg comment aje..
Biokim ada tugas ni bwt Kamis..
Tapi gw blm liat lagi..
Tau d ngerti ato ngga..
Oke d..