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Sunday, March 28, 2010

What Are Jc's Latest News?

Dear all readers,,
sorry for not updating my blog for almost one month..
The thing is I'm concentrating to the busiest semester ever..
Okay I'm being to much... XP
Actually, I still enjoy this fourth semester even though I already got heavy flu because of my low body immunity.. -,-"

So far, I have survived with:
- stay up until at least 1 AM and go to campus mostly at 6.15 AM from Monday to Saturday
- two DNA Technology lab's report ("Plasmid Isolation and Verification" & "Transformation of pGLO and pGFPuv in E. coli")
- two Food Technology lab's report ("Microbial Lava Lamp" & "Mayonnaise")
PS. This is the first time I make mayonnaise by my own hands.. Wow! So grateful for this opportunity.. :)
- Food Technology's assignment about product development of Lobi-lobi fruit (Flacourtia inermis)
- one Functional Food's assignment
- all committees' and clubs' (in my faculty) final report and Surat Keputusan

And above all, my Family Altar is still running every night,
I'm doing good in all my Sunday School's activity (the coaching, the class, etc),
and my campus fellowship is going well every Friday.. 
I even still have time for Sunday School Easter and Good Friday service's poster design..
For me, it's nothing but a MIRACLE..
Yup! I'm nothing without Daddy JC..

I also already decided not to continue my Student Council's membership..
Nevertheless, I'm very grateful for this valuable opportunity..
I was still the first year's student and I got accepted in secretary position..
One more chance to learn more..
One more chance to get to know new person..
One more chance to expand my connection..
One more chance to be a better organizer..
I could be a crazy person if I wasn't grateful~~
I even can describe my closest partner as this:
A patient-learn-to-be-stricter chairman (well done! :)), critical vice chairman, wise treasurer, and organized secretary..
I do learn few things from each of them..

For now, I prefer to be the member of regular committees while concentrating to this semester's classes, which means raising my GPA.. (Amen!)
Next plan is to fulfill my 4th point of this year's resolution.. (check this post)
Wish me all the best ;)
To be honest, I outrageously want to fulfill this one..
At least I could feel better by getting salary from my own sweat (precisely, stop being so dependent on my parent)..

Very very latest news from me:
- I'm now officially a member of LDK BPM dan Senat FTb 2010-2011's (a coaching for the next members of my faculty Student Council) committee..
- I did Outbond 2010 (my faculty's every year event for the new comers) committee's interview two days ago..
(Dad, You know what I want, but I'm sure You'll give what I need.. Whatever the result, I just know it's the best for me.. :))
- I just finished the third report of Food Technology lab's report and I'm still in process of checking Everest and  Elbow talkshow's final report..
- Today is my turn to play keyboard for the Sunday School service.. Hope it will be a blessing for all... Amen!!
- I also just received my first award from Hana Talita at Sarsaparilla (thx Hana!^^)

The Meaning :
Sweet Blog Award is an award for blog or web which you think so friendly and make you enjoy to visit it often.

Homework for Dearest Friends :
Make a post about this award, the picture, the one who gave you, including his or her link. Send this award to 10 of your friends. Don't forget to visit them and tell them about this award.

And the award goes to:
2. Adriana at ADRIANA's WORLD
3. Fiona at dolphinism

Sorry for not following the rule of ten people..
Anyway, congrats for the chosen one!!
Keep on blogging, guys!^^

~ Be blessed and be a blessing ~

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