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Monday, March 1, 2010

Waiting Again~~

First of all, I'm annoyed with my blog setting which just can show 5 post on the main page..
Grrr.... :((
What's wrong with it?? >_<

Right now, I'm waiting my mom picking me up at Plaza Semanggi.. (I'm using Multiplus' internet.. ;D)
Today is my first day in 4th semester..
And my first class is.... ~Food Technology~
The class started with Mr. Winarno's presentation about Sekapur Sirih (it really is his "must" lecture.. :P) and Creativity..
Then it continues with the laboratory..
We were explained about all stuffs/projects that we will do during this semester..
The most important thing is I'm happy with my Food Technology laboratory's group...
They are Ika, Devi, Adhi, and Mbarta... (Like this! :))
The other lab's group are also already shown and I'm thankful for them all..
I got Denis, Devina, Uwi, and Vilam in DNA Technology laboratory...
And I got  Uwi (again), Ivan (again), Toni  (new one!), and forget (sorry! >.<) in Environmental Microbiology laboratory..
I hope we can work together as a team.. :D

Next class was still FoodTech..
It was another presentation from Nutrifood's owner, Mr. Mardi Wu, about Cretivity.. (Part 2 :P)
It was fun..
I enjoyed the lecture and I'm pretty sure all my friends did too.. :))

Yesterday, I already got Environmental Microbiology assignment...
It was cutting the newspaper into many 1x1 cm tiny square pieces...
But unfortunately, I have to do this again tonight.. -,-"
It is because the newspaper pieces we (me and all my classmates) collected today are not enough.. (fyuh~)
My right hand's thumb is already got stiff because of the scissor I use...
Now, I'm tired and I just want to go to bed...
Mom,, please take me home ASAP~~ >o<

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